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can you overdry a weed seed

This is probably the best way to rehydrate your buds. Slow and steady wins the race! The following methods require more planning, but they’re less likely to rehydrate your cannabis too much, which could lead to potential disaster.

Simply place your buds in the same container as the peels, and leave them to get to know each other for a few hours. The peel will also infuse the cannabis with a subtle yet tasty citrus scent. The downside? If you leave the peels inside the container for too long, they could over-hydrate the cannabis and lead to mould. Keep an eye on them!

Of course! We want to reiterate that dried-out buds are still viable! You could go ahead and grind them up, fill your joint, and experience a mediocre smoke, which is just okay. But why stop there? Based on the time you have at your disposal, there are several methods you can try out to give your buds some of their life back. There are some pros and cons, especially for the “express” route—but nothing that some precaution won’t avoid.

Long-Term (Weeks)

This method is a little slower than the previous ones, but will give you more time to assess your work. Simply wet a cotton ball and wrap it in tin foil or plastic wrap. Then, poke holes to release the moisture. This method is better when repeated over a couple of days.

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Similar to the cotton wool balls, this technique uses objects already lying around the house. Take a paper towel, wet it with some water, and stick it to one side of your container. Now, carefully position your buds so they don’t touch the paper. You can also place the paper towels in a ziplock bag and pierce the side to allow moisture to escape.

Whether you buy cannabis in bulk or have plenty of buds from your grow-ops, you’ll probably end up in the same predicament: too much weed (nothing bad in itself) to store, and the second-worst enemy of cured buds—dryness. Though dried-out buds are far from unsmokable, wouldn’t you like to have your sticky nugs back? Keep reading to find out how to rehydrate your cannabis buds in the short, medium, and long term.

When you cut down your weed to dry, soon after, the stems lose a lot of their rigidity and stiffness. If you handle a stem, it will bend without snapping. As such, the general rule of thumb is, when you can snap a bud’s stem clean in half, it is sufficiently dry. If the stem still bends, it needs more time. While this trick works great for the more experienced, it is by no means the most scientific method.

The two most common reasons weed gets dry beyond its optimal point are overdrying after harvest and inadequate storage.

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The general idea is to increase the relative humidity inside the container to create a microclimate. Water molecules will disperse from high concentration zones to lower concentration zones until it has evened out.

In moderate climates with average humidity, expect a slow and even drying period. In arid climates, however, it’s essential to keep a humidifier close by.

Inspect thoroughly, and when satisfied, move the weed to a proper airtight container for prolonged storage.