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can you make tea with weed seeds

You may find yourself even more relaxed if you sip a tea that’s free of caffeine, such as chamomile, peppermint, or ginger. We’d also suggest utilising an indica strain, or one including terpenes like myrcene and linalool, to enhance those effects. That might be too sleepy for some, though, so be cautious when dosing your tea with an unfamiliar strain.


Most of us are used to hurting our throats when enjoying cannabis, whether we’re smoking, or, less harmfully, vaping. However, when sipping cannabis tea, you may find it actually soothes your throat [2] , rather than damages it. While the weed itself isn’t responsible for this, your throat will enjoy the (moderate) heat of the tea. Chamomile and green tea, specifically, are the ones considered most effective in this regard.

Soothes the Throat

To start, if you find that enjoying weed and sipping tea both relax you, imagine the soothing sensations you’ll experience when enjoying both at the same time. Since you don’t have to worry about quickly inhaling any hot smoke or vapor, you’ll end up noticeably more content in the moment. The drink may be hot too, sure, but slow sipping and the addition of things like butter or milk should make that manageable.

You may have heard of magic mushroom tea from your psychonaut friend, but have you heard of cannatea before? Smoking and vaping are fine ways of getting your dose of cannabis, but some people can’t physically handle hot smoke or vapor running through their airways.

So, if you’ve been looking for a way to enjoy weed that’ll soothe your throat rather than hurt it, marijuana tea may be a welcome addition to your routine.

Most think you can only enjoy cannabis if you smoke, vape, or eat it, but cannatea is a delicious alternative to these conventional methods. In this article, we look at what marijuana tea is, consider its benefits, help you figure out an optimal dose, walk you through the effects, show how to make it yourself, and recommend optimal strains.

Drink the brew with responsibility; drinking marijuana is more powerful than smoking marijuana.

Marijuana brew is one of the easiest and fastest recipes you can elaborate; it is not complicated: just a few ingredients to be mentioned now, and patience; it will take a little while to feel the effects.

It will take a little while to feel its effects, up to two hours; generally, between 30 and 60 minutes, but not all the cases are the same. The applied marijuana strain is directly related to the provided effects – relaxing, social or active; remember that not all the marijuana strains are similar: hundreds of strains provide different power and different effects.

Does Marijuana Tea get you high?

As you can see, its elaboration has not any mystery, and it is extremely simple.

For this recipe, other options are hot water with sugar, diluting a tea spoon of marijuana butter in it; the resulting effect is notorious, and milk is not needed for its elaboration: anyway, if you use marijuana for medical effects, you will obtain the same benefits after digesting the brew.