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can you make milk with weed seeds

Many people are unsure whether cannabis milk is made of cannabis buds that contain psychotropic substances. It is not. This milk is made of cannabis seeds that are legally available.

Even though it is possible to buy cannabis milk in some health-food stores, it is quite expensive – so if you are confident enough in the kitchen, you can try to make it on your own.

For making your own cannabis milk you need: half a cup of shelled raw cannabis seeds and about half a liter of drinking water. You should also prepare a piece of cloth for final filtration.

Beneficial Effects of Cannabis Milk:

The whole cannabis plant, seeds included, has a significant nutritional value. The following amount of nutrients is present in a single cup of cannabis milk:

For buds, average percentage’s 0.5-1g marijuana/¼l whole milk – 1 joint/¼l milk.

Whole milk – milk fat’s necessary for our body to assimilate the cannabinoids (skimmed milk’s not effective).


Put the sieved milk in the fridge and drink it before the original expiration date of the whole milk.

Marijuana milk’s a fast, easy marijuana consumption – therapeutic properties without smoking; cannabis cooking’s gradually trending – more recipes/tutorials on marijuana cooking (cannabis is the main ingredient on the last Netflix culinary reality show).

Simmer the milk in a pan.