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can you grow good weed from mids seeds

hes right though. think of the amount of phenotypes. Also who knows if the strain was pollinated by another strain in the room it was grown (or outdoors for that matter). You could germ and veg 5 seeds and end up with 5 phenotypes. You never know.

Absolutely, mid-grade bag seed can grow good bud.

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One of my favorite moms (which I’ve kept for nearly two years) was sprouted from mid-grade bag seed. Of the handful of strains I’ve grown, she is by far the hardiest strain I’ve ever grown, one of the best producers (her side branches are quite big), she’s not the most potent high but I still happily come back to her for a nice end of the day mellow session, and her buds are the best tasting of all the strains I’ve grown too.

you could also have genetics that are prone to hermaphrodite.

However, all the hermies I’ve ever gotten were grown from bag seed.

During the vegetative stage, if humidity drops below 40%, especially anywhere below 25%, it can cause problems that look like nutrient deficiencies or light/heat stress!

Supplements in the flowering stage come in many different flavors, and they have different goals or purposes

Suitable for Hydro, Soil or Coco – Supplements to Increase Yields/Density with extra P & K

I personally don’t use this type of supplement so I can’t recommend a particular one, but some of the most popular cannabis supplements based on this type of formula include…

Adding CO2 is most effective when you are using bright, high-powered lights (such as a 1000W HPS) that give off more light than your plants can naturally use.

These buds were both grown in the exact same setup at the same time, but have different genetics. Look how differently the buds turned out! Choosing the right strain lets you choose the looks and effects you want!

Supplements in the Flowering Stage

Other international examples of weed slang include:

High-quality weed. Some terms for high-quality weed include top-shelf, loud, chronic, kind, headies, fire, or piff. Dank is also a popular term for top-notch cannabis that has a rich smell of damp earth.

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Similar to the phrases used for quality, some weed terms are commonly used as short-hand language for quantities of weed.

At least some of the slang terms for cannabis come from consumers developing short-hand language to refer to weed’s quality. In the market’s not-so-distant past, quality may have been conflated with THC levels but today’s cannasseur knows there’s more to quality bud than just a THC percentage.

Observe the reggie, or bad weed, on the left and the dank, or good weed, on the right. Photo by: Gina Coleman/Weedmaps