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can you fly with weed seeds

It is a felony to transport ‘for-sale’ weed outside a state according to most states’ laws. It is also a federally illegal act. If you are caught with a large amount, you could spend several years in prison. The majority of cases that end up in court are tried on a state level. This is better news for the defendant because it increases the chances of a favorable outcome.

If you are caught, don’t object, complain, or get angry with the TSA agent. There is no point trying to talk your way out of the situation. Make sure you display your MMJ card if you have it. There is no real defense for interstate transportation, so stay silent, and ask for an attorney if you get arrested.

The Amnesty Box

Yet even then, the issue is far from cut and dried. The TSA is tasked with keeping planes and passengers secure. They are far more concerned about finding explosive devices than marijuana.

As far as marijuana is concerned, its legal status is confusing for many in the United States. The issue of bringing cannabis on an airplane is a perfect case in point. It is a federally illegal substance like heroin. Consequently, one would assume that carrying it onboard an aircraft is a prohibited act.

Conversely, you may think it is okay as long as you fly from one ‘legal’ marijuana state to another. Neither supposition is accurate as shades of gray continue to cause problems. This article outlines if you can or should bring cannabis on a plane.

They made it both ways just fine. They were just sitting in the front pocket. Naturally I didn't notice until I got home and started unpacking doh

Fuck em bro..just put em in yr jeans pocket in your suitcase. forget about them, you left em there on accident. remember !!

#5 phoenix2

IMHO this is not good advice, they are illegal. I wouldn't want to have a full body cavity search I can tell you that.

I just got back from OR. I'd stashed some seeds in my suitcase months back. still in their original labeled packaging with big fat weed leaves on em.

They are deemed souvenirs here, for your mantle piece..haha