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can weed seeds expire

You do not have to worry regarding the ample pinch of chlorination because actually it can greatly help you in eradicating unwanted components in the water like parasites which can affect the entire germination process if it interferes. Water component is very critical in the entire process, which means that you should make sure that you use a clean one. One of the efficient sources of water is the purified water without certain carbonation included. We should always keep in mind that cannabis strain seeds are all living components and when you place it inside a cold atmospheric area the cycle of its growth starts to slow down. And when it happens, it will take effect with its growth and it will definitely prolong the usual development of germination process. You might be wondering what to do in order to keep your marijuana seeds safe and viable even in a long span of time.

Do marijuana seeds Expire or get old?

Nowadays there are many cannabis strains that are being hybrid from other typical strains as well and one of the issues that we must confer is how to safely store our marijuana seeds.
For most growers, storing their marijuana strains is a great challenged. In order to keep them safe and sound, it is highly recommended that you store them in a cool, humid, dry and dark area. You can still utilize effectively all cannabis strains when you safely keep them in a jar and store them under the refrigerator. Even though years have passed, all marijuana seeds can still be very feasible. It is very important that completely sealed the storage containers and keep a cool environment inside. In order to germinate the marijuana seeds strains successfully, you have to ensure that the seeds are kept in a moist and warm area. As a grower, you must make sure that you venture with pure water. To attain a successful germination process, you can choose to use water in your community, just make sure that it is PH neutralized water.

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Store Marijuana Seeds And How Long?

How long do marijuana seeds last and best way to store them?

Storing Marijuana Seeds

First of all you can acquire a tight sealed container or storage that can still keep the moist and humid component of the strain marijuana seeds which in very important. You can choose between selecting plastic containers in order to keep your marijuana seeds. You can also choose envelopes because they permit a small amount of moisture and humidity that has been rapt inside the container. There are many local stores that sell out specialized envelopes that can assure that your marijuana strains can be kept in store efficiently. In order to simplify your storage process, you can label the container so that you are well guided on how long it can last. You should bear in mind that humidity and temperature are two most significant agents to have a quality storage system of marijuana seeds. Indeed, marijuana seeds are indefinable, since they dry out easily in dry atmosphere and get wet in a wet area. In every 1% reduction in the confined moisture, the life of the cannabis seeds inside the container in also prolonged.

Scientist have grown seeds from plants found in caves from as far back as 30,000 years. As far as I remember from articles. However who knows perhaps even further back, and perhaps I am just unaware. Their is an emerging field in marijuana propigation, for advanced growers that includes advanced techniques in all facets. However the field you where questing was propagation. the answer in short is pretty much no in the term of your life time. If you take care of your seeds you may not have to worry about of advanced methods but if you wish for a perfect 99.99% chance of that seed popping up guaranteed as long as all other precautions are met. Micro Propagation is the answer. Consider it a sub-study field if your interested. In Micro-propagation it defies limitations that clonning or seed starting that many have learned to be truth.

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Man has stored seeds for thousands of years, in fact there’s a dooms day seed vault in case of civilization is wiped out we can restart life on earth.

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The Reality is your seeds will pretty much live for longer than your life expectancy on this earth. However the likenesses of you being skilled enough to propagate these seeds with a moist towel if you left it on the furnace for 10 years is not very likely at all.

heres some links to get you started if its too much for you Its understandable not everyone needs to know marijuana on a cellular level. But don’t sell yourself short either. if you can read and right and use a level of common sense. You can do this.

this is the little summary of all my research on this emerging field in marijuana I freely give to whomever is interested. It was not easy together to where I am now and YouTube has a few pieces of information too. but rest assured you do not need to buy expensive kits all of this can be made in your kitchen.