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can weed seeds drown in water

Had 10 feminized seeds all germinated and had rootlets (term. ) showing when I planted them in rockwool like pots.

I also water my seedlings in rockwool daily. Trick with rockwool is to soak it, give it a squeeze to get the BIG water out and leave it be till tomorrow


I’m with maiden, dry is far worse than wet. especially if only for 2 days.

In my experience with seedlings (nothing with rockwool, sorry) it is FAR easier to kill them with love and too little water than it is to drown them. I keep all starts in a tray and I keep water in the tray, 1/4"-1/2" is perfect.

***Edit: IF you’re finding you just can’t, for whatever reason, keep them moist enough, then keep the dome on, but raise it up a couple of inches to allow airflow.***

Planting the germinated seed is also a crucial moment

Placing the seeds between moist serviettes/paper towels is one of the best germination methods for beginner growers. Since you can easily see if the seed has taken root or not. But we must also bear in mind that the germination medium, the kitchen paper, is made of cellulose, meaning it is an organic material that will decompose and rot, just like any product of this type.

Not long after sowing the seed, we will see our little plant emerge from the soil

Death during the germination of cannabis seeds

Not all seeds have the same resistance to the errors that may occur during the germination process. Just as not all siblings are not all equal, neither are all seeds. By this, we mean that in the case of one seed germinating and the rest of them not doing so, it doesn’t necessarily mean that those that didn’t germinate were not strong or resistant, but simply that they were less so than the one that did germinate. If this occurs, we must ask ourselves why they did not germinate and look for any possible failings in the process.

The first stages of growth survived with success!

Cannabis seeds can die even before we start to grow them, in which case, when the grower comes to germinate them, they won’t open up and sprout at all.

We start from the basic premise that the seeds require moisture, oxygen and a suitable temperature for germination; If one of the three aspects is not taken into account, it is quite likely that the seeds won’t end up germinating.