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can weed and feed kill dandelion seeds

Weeding usually leaves small pieces of dandelion-producing roots behind.

Dandelions cut at the surface spring back from buds just below ground.

Why Dandelions Are Persistent Weeds

These premium weed & feed products contain iron and fast-acting nitrogen to support quick, rich greening, plus slow-release nitrogen that continues to feed your lawn for up to three months. Some lawn grasses are sensitive to herbicides in weed & feed fertilizers, so always read the product label thoroughly before use and be sure it lists your grass type as approved.

These tenacious weeds also produce large amounts of fluffy, wind-borne seed capable of traveling long distances. An average dandelion plant produces around 15,000 seeds per year. 2 Depending on your climate, these weeds may bloom and produce seed year-round. The seeds can germinate without a waiting period and start producing new plants immediately. 2

Dandelions present challenges for lawn owners on several fronts. These pesky broadleaf weeds are perennials that survive winters to come back larger and more resilient year after year. Survival gets a boost from strong, sturdy taproots that can grow 10 feet deep or more—well out of the reach of dandelion diggers or shovels. As little as an inch of root left behind can generate a new plant. 1 If cut off at ground level, dandelions quickly regrow from the crown.

Always check Strength actually is 360g/l when buying concentrated Glyphosate weed-killer from other sources.

As I explained earlier in this article a few dandelion weeds can be controlled by pulling or digging out the complete plant, root and all. All

On poor acidic soil you could leave them to grow and “slowly” help improve the soil.

This weed-killer method for killing dandelions growing in a lawn kills the whole plant including the root.

Dandelions love acidic, low nutrient soil. They will continue to grow in this type of soil, slowly helping improve it until it is no longer acidic and is full of nutrients and then, job done they will be crowded out by healthy lawn grass. This Organic method of clearing dandelions from your lawn, could depending on the size of the area, take a long time, but can be sped up by addressing the pH and shortage of nutrients by adding material from your organic compost heap .

This is the weed-killer method I use and recommend. It is important to use a Glyphosphate based product that kills actively growing dandelions including the root.

Chemically fed lawns no longer benefit from the natural nitrogen and other nutrients clover provided, forcing, guess what? Dependency on the Feed and Weed type chemical manufacturers and suppliers.

Another method of removing Dandelions from lawns without damaging the grass or using herbicides, is to dig out the whole plant and root.