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can i seed over dead weeds

Don’t weed the lawn with a herbicide until the following spring if you reseeded in the autumn. Weed in the early autumn if you reseeded during the spring. Use the first growing season to completely concentrate on the growing of some nice healthy turf. Weeds can be dealt with later.

If it’s not possible to reseed in the early fall/autumn, the next best time is during mid-spring. Wait until the grass is actively growing.

Reseeding in the summer is difficult as the weather is usually too hot to allow the seeds to be kept damp. As weeds are actively growing, your seed will also be competing with surrounding weeds for resources. This is a contest that the weeds will ultimately win.

Keep the soil watered

To ensure a greater chance of success in replacing the dead grass in your lawn with healthy new grass, choosing the right time of year to perform the task is crucial.

No matter how much effort we put in to our lawns, sometimes patches of your lawn will die. There are many reasons why this might have happened. One option to bring the lawn back to life is to reseed over dead sod. Is this a viable option? The answer is yes. By following the guide below, you can bring your lawn back to its best.

Once the seed has germinated and the grass is growing, reduce the amount and frequency of watering. Over-watering a lawn can cause other issues.

There will be a higher chance of rain than during summer which will help your seed stay damp and therefore germinate.

I doubt this answer will be welcome, but it needs saying anyway! I don’t advise you should follow the course of action you’ve proposed – it sounds as if you’ve got mostly weeds and a bit of grass left, which would mean removing what’s there and replacing it.

I was going to spray with “Ortho Weed-B-Gon Max”, then spread some top soil and reseed, but I’m not sure if that’s the right course of action.

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When you make a curve keep that radius going until you decide to change to an outside curve. The radius size doesn’t matter as long as you keep it consistent until you change the direction of the curve. Use string, a stake, even a hose works well. Make a 6″X6″ trench all along the edge of your lawn. Use a flat shovel. Throw the grass and soil up on your beds. Simply redo your edges in the spring with a shovel and/or use a string trimmer. I’d buy one of these, a Stihl. Always wear eye protection and watch where the debris and rocks fly.

Next let’s talk about WHY this happened to your lawn. You most certainly have cool season grasses. Always a mixture of species. Make dang sure that the label of lawn grass seed states zero weed seed.

If you are going to clear everything and add new topsoil, hiring or borrowing a flamethrower may be cheaper than using weedkiller, and you can reseed immediately.