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can i plant grass seed after killing weeds with vinegar

The answer to this will depend on the weed killer you use. You must read the labels at the time of purchase and before use. You can find some weed killers that only require one treatment per year.

One of the reasons gardeners seed their lawns is that thick grass can help to retard the growth of weeds.

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Do this daily, until new grass blades grow. At this point, you can reduce watering to twice per week. The depth also only has to be one inch deep.

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After the 5 – 6 day wait the vinegar will have evaporated. If your soil is loose rather than compacted Just put a not too thick layer of good topsoil and a little compost mix on top of the area. Rake it in then plant the seed as instructed.

I'm putting in a raised vegetable planting bed over a rocky area infested with invasive morning glory and large-form periwinkle roots. We have dug, pulled roots, and sifted the soil and after a 2 week period covered with tarps, found vigorous morning glory growth possibly from seeds.

Vinegar is organic and many microbes will feed on it and break it down. I can't imagine an organic fluid like vinegar hanging around and keeping its potency in the soil after a handful of waterings. Vinegar is also used to lower the ph for some alkaline soils.


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I have sprayed straight vinegar on weeds (area 10 ft X 16ft). They’re all dead. I will rake. What’s the next step for a lawn? Can I add quality topsoil and seed after 4-5 days? Do I water it to clear the vinegar? How soon can I start work on new lawns?

I honestly don’t know what to do. This weed is everywhere this year – all over my neighbor’s yard and in different parts of town. It’s invasive and is starting to edge into my little patch of lawn. I want to get rid of it and plant some wildflowers and wild grass seed.

I reread some of the comments, I am now concerned that the vinegar will stay in the soil way longer than the time frame I need. How long do I need to wait after application to plant seeds in the same area?