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can hamsters eat weed seeds

4. Ancient Greeks used cannabis to treat their animals: as an anti-inflammatory, to clean wounds and to prevent intestinal parasites. Ancient medicine treatises grant it a decisive importance for veterinary treatments.

3. Some birdseed sellers claim that hemp seeds increase copulation in birds.

1. In Switzerland and Lichtenstein, where hemp feed for livestock has been prohibited fearing that THC will pass over to milk and meat destined for human consumption, farmers vigorously protest since they believe that animals grow better with cannabis and are more relaxed than with any other diet.

Does weed attract animals?

Zoopharmacognosy investigates the deliberate use of natural resources by animals, such as the use of plants as medicine for example, or their use for fun. It seems logical that a plant with such obvious medicinal properties for humans would also attract the attention of other species, equally able to recognise its potential.

Anyone who has ever had a marijuana plant at home knows: you either protect it by all means possible, or your dog will eat it. And dogs won’t just eat a little bit to purge, as carnivores sometimes do with other vegetable species, no. If you had eight plants, then the eight flowerpots would disappear. They gorge on them.

Until its prohibition, in 1937, hundreds of remedies were sold in the United States that contained psychoactive cannabis oil for farm animals. These remedies were used for illnesses and identical disorders which nowadays are treated with medical marijuana for human beings: as an antispasmodic, sedative, analgesic and for all kinds of intestinal disorders.

The fact that animals also get messed up is something that has been known since Darwin observed a group of monkeys getting drunk with fermented fruits. And they are conscious of it, systematically locating areas where their favourite drugs grow and repeating their behaviour every season too. Primates and elephants stick to alcohol from rotten fruit, horses take jimson weed, reindeer prefer psychedelic mushrooms (especially amanita muscaria) and cats freak out with catnip.

PS: This might be the wrong place to ask this question as a great number of the users are under eighteen years old and probably wouldn’t even have access to marijuana seeds. Just saying.

Dose anyone know if Syrian Hamsters can eat Marijuana seeds?

#2 ChloeJ

Basically, I wouldn’t do it, just to be on the safe side.

Yes I am really asking.
I am not talking about getting it high or feeding him buds Because I Would Never!

My personal rule of thumb is if you can’t find confirmation from multiple sources it’s safe to do, don’t do it. I can recall something about hemp seeds being okay I think for hamsters, but I’m honestly not sure if it actually is safe or not, and hemp is a variation of the cannabis plant, meaning that it could be different anyhow.