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buy weed seeds massachusetts

Simply provide a photo clearly showing any seeds that germinated unsuccessfully and those will be replaced hassle free, no questions asked.

This is a significant law for commercial growers to comply with because it allows regulators to guarantee consumers that their cannabis is being produced through good manufacturing practices. Many commercial Massachusetts marijuana growers actually obtain their Marijuana Seeds and Cannabis Genetics from us!

Where can i buy marijuana seeds in massachusetts

Online Payment. Patients receive a Quote over the phone and make secure payments online.

The track and trace method ensures that the state receives the excise tax that it charges wholesalers when transacting with a dispensary. The cannabis that’s then sold down the line to consumers is charged with a sales tax. Both of these taxes generate much-needed revenue for the state, and it’s in their best interest to makes sure that the cannabis on the market is being produced legally, and not funneling through the black market.

Since 2016, residents 21 and over in Massachusetts have been cleared to possess, cultivate, and purchase cannabis legally. Residents are allowed to carry up to 1-ounce of dried cannabis flowers, or 10-ounces in their home. Individuals must lock their marijuana when stored at home to prevent children from coming in contact with it.

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