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and a freshly cultivated field still looks good to me.

I can see the case here where a guy who hasn’t moldboard plowed for many years, could do it in a field with higher hemp pressure so long as he doesn’t do it year after year and practices minimal tillage instead.

To the contrary: Tillage is an incredibly destructive technique and shouldn’t be considered an option.

mhagny – 7/8/2017 08:19

To the contrary: Tillage is an incredibly destructive technique and shouldn’t be considered an option.

As far as destroying soil structure, crop cultivation isn’t V ripping 12″ deep. It’s at most 1 – 2″, the majority of the root structure is deeper than that, but the purpose is to stop plant growth, just like a herbicide does, just a different MOA. In this case, separation of the plant from it’s roots to hinder further growth and maturity to seed production.

With that being said my thoughts on no till. If this is the “perfect” farming method then why are the no till guys always on here asking how to add weight to a planter to get it in the ground? How to deal with the bugs in their crop planted into cover crops? And who is always asking about new and old chemical mixes to pour on their soil to kill everything in sight?

Well, there is already enough material on the web to read for a lifetime about the merits and problems of no till / conventional and everything in between, so I’m not going to add to it. I do like to see who does what where and why, that always interests me!

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Plowing is bad for soil structure, takes lots of fuel, and makes fields more prone to erosion. Over on Agtalk lots of guys planted into standing covers.

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Little bit of everything to be honest. We no tilled 200 or so acres this year. One guy does well with strip till in the east edge of county. I would like to try strip till but got to much tied up with my hodge podge I got going. The soil finisher sees a lot of acres it just what if any that leads it. I’m not anti tillage I’m just not a fan of the moldboard plow nothing wrong with a chisel plow or soil saver. For us it was like night and day difference going from a moldboard plow to soil saver. I got a soil saver with a pretty nice leveler to follow the 7580.

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Few years back, I had some awful hay round baled. Just truly awful, a starving buffalo wouldn’t have eaten it. I rented a bale chopper with a discharge chute and drove all over a field chopping and blowing that hay out. Plowed it under, and for 2 years could see an amazing difference in typical crops for that field.