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burpee seed starting mix for weed

I just planted 4 diesel berry autos and 4 Dutch passion Skunk #11 seeds in a burpee seeds starter greenhouse kit. It has those pellets that swell up when water is added. Well this is my first grow attempt so I’m nervous ill do something wrong. It seems to be working well the moisture level of the soil/cubes is not too saturated or dry and I have it resting on my stove top which is always nice and warm(about 75-80 degrees F). The dome is always very full of condensation so it seems to be doing what it is supposed to. I emptied a bit of the extra water in the tray because it seemed like the directed amount would keep the soil too wet.

Its been 24 hours now and I periodically check the soil to make sure it doesn’t dry out and stays moist and warm. Anything else I should or could be doing to improve my germination rate? I plan on putting them under a couple of 125W grow lights after they get some leaves until they are large enough to be transplanted into soil pots which will go outside. I plan on using fox farms potting soil for them once in pots, I’m not sure if I should use 5 gallon or larger pots? I’m a growing virgin so any tips or help would be appreciated. Thanks!

I was eager to start seeds and all I had was a small bag of burpee brand premium potting soil which has coco coir in it. Everything that I have read says that coco needs to be watered daily and not to let dry out. Yet the label on the bag says water less often as coco coir holds more moisture between waterings. I normally grow in soil so I am used to letting the medium dry out and watering once every 3-4 days.Just not sure how I should water the seedlings in the 4" cups until they are ready to transplant into what will be roots organic soil.

I have no issue using coco for the whole run, except work schedule can make it difficult for me to water daily. Any input to put me on the right track or to correct any misconceptions I have would be appreciated.