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brick weed seed grow

Seeing that this stuff is grown for commercial purposes, don’t you think it would be logical for it to be a good yielder?? You know that stuff probably looks pretty decent before the cartel gets their slimy hands on it.

Have any of you ever tried growing out some seeds from some Mexican brick weed?? I’ve just germinated 9 seeds successfully and have put them in some premi soil in 16 oz party cups inside my little grow box.

I’ve grown out some brick weed seeds before and they looked/smoked like they were almost 100% indica every single time. When I see the first couple sets of real leafs, I’ll be able to tell you if it looks like another 100% indica strain or not.

Has anyone else had experience growing out seeds from this stuff?? What did you end up getting? More Indica, more sativa, yields, potency?? I’m just wondering, because this is basically how I, and I bet, a lot of other people started growing weed. Let me hear your experiences.

Before I ever started growing, I thought it would be a mexican sativa-type usually. However, I’ve NEVER seen a sativa dominant plant from this really commercial stuff. From my experience, these plants put out some really good yields as well, if treated properly. This is kind of like a national past-time for many. I’d just like to hear other people’s experiences growing out the infamous mexican brick seeds.

so this plant in the pic just started changing to purple around week 7, super fast like.

I didnt have a clone of it as I just got some killer genetics from a friend, and wasnt worried about saving some mexican, then i saw her changing colors, tried to take a couple clones,(but they never ended up making it :()

Here are some that i started out of some good brick that i got the other day. They are 11 days into 12/12. Experimenting.

Mister Charlie

just got a new job so i,ve been super busy but i’ll post more pics soon.

most of mine have come out on the sativa side mostly. Love seeing what i can get from a bag.

new pics to come

heres an old grow i did. lovely tasting. Strong up high.