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blood weed seeds

Try Blood Diamond, a potent feminized strain with towering THC levels and abundant yields. It is 100% pure indica that will be the best night time smoke you’ll ever have. It will give you a relaxing vibe until you’re ready for that good night’s sleep. It’s euphoric, sedating, and therapeutic, ideal for insomnia, pain, and stress.

A few tokes are enough to discover what she has in store. Blood Diamond OG delivers a mix of happy and sedating sensations. At first, you will feel euphoria and upliftment. A relaxing sensation will navigate through your body, helping you forget your problems in the meantime. The notes of citrus, earthiness, pine, herbal, sugar, and wood will make every toke more delightful.

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The Extraordinary OG

A relative of Version OG Kush. Rich in THC and guarantees heavy yields. The Blood Diamond OG is 100% indica, so she is a perfect nighttime smoke that you will enjoy early in the evening. With every toke, you will feel a relaxing psychoactive buzz that will urge you to lie down and sleep. With 16-20% THC, she has what it takes to be a great indica smoke.

Blood Diamond OG is a nice choice for first-time cultivators. She yields a lot, even if you lack some gardening skills. With her genetics, she’s good to cultivate indoors and outdoors.

It does not matter if it’s your first time or 100th time growing cannabis at home, Blood Diamond OG will deliver results and every seed is feminized so it’s guaranteed to grow into nug-bearing beauties. You will need a few things before you start including good quality PH balanced soil, organic fertilizer, and a growing vessel. A 10-gallon fabric container is preferable. These soft pots keep roots from balling or binding by allowing them to self-prune. They are a little more expensive than standard plastic pots, however, the end result is well worth a few extra bucks. If you are growing outdoors, choose a location with shelter from severe weather but excellent sun exposure. When growing Blood Diamond OG indoors, you will need a minimum thousand-watt lamp. Thankfully high-pressure sodium lamps are not very expensive and deliver all the light your plants will need.

Black Water Purple OG Cheese Photo Fem might just be the most flavorful of all these strains due to its Cheese strain parentage. Insane flavors of aged cheese, field berries, and fresh-cut pine are accented even further by the aromas of earthen woodiness.

When to Harvest Blood Diamond OG Photo Fem Strain

We have mentioned OG Kush Photo Fem a lot and for good reason. It is considered the best pot ever grown and loved the world over. It comes with a hefty THC content in excess of 25 percent and produces an all-around excellent stone. The flavor of this legend is pretty impressive. Citrus, fuel, and pine forest notes combine into a treat for the senses.

When you buy your Blood Diamond OG seeds online from Weed Weeds you save yourself time. Do not waste hours hunting from one store to another only to put in a huge effort and not even find the strain or strains you wanted in the first place. No one needs the frustration of that, so let us help out and send your seeds right to your doorstep. When you place your order with us, we carefully package up your choices in special envelopes that not only protect your privacy but the viability of the seed too. In just a few short days they will arrive safe and secure and nobody but you will know. Weed Seeds is here to help you get you growing in the right direction because we are just like you. We love growing good weed and we are happy to shepherd you through your next growing adventure.

True to its high THC content, Blood Diamond OG delivers a fast and potent high. Smokers of this lovely herb will find it delivers a happy, euphoric mental buzz with just one puff off the joint. The buzz travels fast down through every vein and nerve conduit, melting away pain, relaxing stiff muscles, and making smokers feel at home in their body. Becoming comfortably numb may be the best way to put it. No frayed nerves, with a calm body, and spirit can be achieved after a session with this stunning jewel. Not only does the strain pack a strong high, but it combines it with intense flavor and a delicious aroma. Intense pine and lemon flavors carried in the strain’s lineage come out immediately and follow through with a herbal breeze that cools as it exits the airway. Breathe deeply through your nose and you will detect a puzzling fuel-like, floral and chemical scent that you cannot quite put your finger on.