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black poison weed seeds

Those who suffer from anxiety, stress, fatigue, depression, and other mood disorders can feel relief with the help of Black Poison. Relief is the number one benefit that users can feel and experience using this cannabis strain.

Dry mouth is the major negative effect of using Black Poison strain. Users should expect this side effect of smoking this cannabis strain.

Black Poison has both earthy and pine flavors. It gives a strong cerebral high to the cannabis user. Moreover, it helps the user focus on accomplishing daily activities and be creative. In other words, it helps stimulate both the mind and body.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from Black Poison

Black Poison is the result of the breeding project that involves Black Forrest and Black Durban. It is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that is recommended for daytime use. This cannabis strain truly has an interesting genetic lineage. The beautiful buds of this train, as well as its scent, attracts many who visit an indoor or outdoor grow room filled with these plants.

Beginners in cultivating Black Poison should expect this strain to have flowers that are small and compact. It has a high resistance to mold and mildew that helps cannabis growers have fewer worries. Experts find it easy to cultivate this strain, but for beginners, they have to keep watch of pests that may destroy the plants. When it grows properly, cannabis growers will be satisfied by having an abundant harvest.

Growing Outdoors:
These do very good outdoors, even in moist conditions in the pacific northwest, and will easily reach heights of 10’+ harvested during the first week in November. Zero mold problems with outdoor, even though the last 3 weeks was plagued with a lot of rainfall and mist; these baybees had no worries whatsoever. She goes so purple outdoors she has black woven into her floral structure. A simple “hood” was added to shield the plants from the heaviest rainfall using PVC and plastic sheeting, allowing airflow bigtime still. These were grown outdoors and in raised beds using all TLO style growing.

Just as I expected, a major connoisseur’s treat here with an uber exotic hybrid from my crazy killer olden stock. I have yet to see any bad females, and she’s psycho potent with “legs of steel” as I say, meaning the effects go on for hours… The blending of the olden Durban Poison with the ancient Vietnamese Jungle Sativa (“Black”) have rendered quite the outcome when it comes to intense connoisseur sativa dominant smoke. You won’t be one bit disappointed with this one.

The mother of Black Poison is my old Black Durban I made like 6 or more years ago, using a (Nebu) Black Russian female pollinated by two different Durban Poison males I used to call “The Durban Bros.” The paternal (father) was my Black Forrest, which is a land race Vietnamese Jungle Sativa (known as The Black locally) crossed to my old f3 Cherry Bomb out of Hawaii.

Growing Indoors:
Indoors these do very well, better when cloned and flowered, but either way. Seedling plants will require slightly larger container sizes. My yields averaged about 2 oz. per 2.5’ plant indoors under 400w HID MH lamps. Stunning looking and she tends to go purple/black. Sprout these in warm temps—recommended. .