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black friday weed seed sales

One of the strains I want is out of stock?
Unfortunately, any strain that is listed as out of stock will not be re-stocked during the promotion period. All of the strains we have on offer during this promotion are of the highest quality, so please select another option, – you won’t be disappointed!

We’re offering very special LIMITED EDITION strains in Feminised OR Autoflowering flowering types. Each of these strains is unique and very scarce – get them only while supplies last.
Depending on the flowering type you choose, each bundle offers three very unique and scarce strains.
Choose from:
Fem freebie bundle = Wedding Cake , Alien Rock Candy , Rudeboi OG
Fem freebie bundle = Sour Diesel Auto, Purple Punch Auto, Banana Kush Auto

23rd November 2020 – 2nd December 2020

Alien Rock Candy

Can I swap my fem seeds for autos?
Please double check your order before you check out and pay that you have added the correct seeds FEMS or AUTOS as these cannot be swapped once payment has been made.

Spend €150 and choose from:
Fem Bundle 3 = 3 x Wedding Cake + 3 x Alien Rock Candy + 3 x Rudeboi OG
Auto Bundle 3 = 3 x Sour Diesel Auto + 3 x Purple Punch Auto + 3 x Banana Kush Auto

Alien Rock Candy , a cross between Sour Dubble and Tahoe Alien, has been boosted by the addition of the elite clone Nicole, resulting in a potent, indica-dominant strain.
This is a robust, hungry plant and one which will require a longer vegetative growth period to compensate for its lack of stretch during its flowering phase.
Its finishing height will then be medium to tall. Plants grown indoors will take anywhere between 49 – 63 days to complete the flowering cycle with yields as high as 1 gr/watt, providing, for example, up to 400 gr. under a 400 watt grow light. Plants grown outdoors in the northern hemisphere should be ready towards the end of September with production up to 800 gr/plant.
Bright green buds are compact and have a thick coating of trichomes that have a faint amber hue, a trait inherited from its parents. Flavours are fruity and citrus with notes of damp earth. Levels of THC are high to very high at 20 – 24% with the amount of resin, allied to its other qualities making this a great strain from which to make extractions.
Alien Rock Candy’s effect is something of a ‘creeper’ but is nevertheless long-lasting. It produces a profound sense of relaxation with feelings of euphoria and makes a great night-cap to ensure a good night’s sleep.

My order doesn’t look right and I don’t have my seeds?
If rules have not been followed we cannot add BF seeds to any orders once the order is checked out and paid for so please check your order carefully before you make payment.

Wait no longer and start buying cannabis seeds with Herbies’ Black Friday discount! During the period from 10am on November 24 to 3pm on November 30 (GMT), you can buy weed strain seeds from the best breeders with 70% off – and the best part is, all other Herbies deals remain in place!

Thanksgiving is around the corner… and guess what? It’s time to buy some goodies for the holiday season and take advantage of our big Black Friday sale. We at Herbies are ready to treat you with the best deals on weed seeds from Pyramid Seeds, Dutch Passion, Dinafem Seeds, Original Sensible Seeds, and more!

The Black Friday Sale: What Weed Strains Are In?

All that glitters isn’t gold. That’s right – Black Gold Auto is a stunning autoflower glittering in sticky resin that covers her juicy buds and dark green, almost black leaves. Sugary flavors burst with sweet orange and grapefruit notes, topped with a bit of spice and fuel. This gooey monster is an amazing treat for all hash fans and dabbers!

During our Black Friday sale days, Herbies will offer the best prices on top-shelf cannabis seeds, including these four girls in black:

Looking for a heavy-yielding and CBD-rich weed strain? We’ve got you covered! Black Diamond CBD is a gorgeous marijuana plant featuring sticky flowers shining like stars amid her dark purple coloring. Thanks to her Sativa dominance, this beautiful gem is also a heavy yielder. Plant her outdoors and you’ll get up to 1000g/plant! Be ready for buds infused with 15-20% CBD that are perfect for those who need strong medication but still want to socialize and stay active.