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Autoflowers grow fast and vigorously, and have only a limited time to do so. Because of that, you want to support their growth in every way possible. A loose and airy growing medium makes it easier for your autoflowers to develop a strong root system.

There are several ways you can go about this. Bamboo stakes and strings, trellis netting, or tomato plant cages can all be used to help a plant carry its heavy load. If you want more tips, see this article on five ways to support heavy buds.


Autoflowers are usually smaller, so they drink and eat less compared to large photoperiod plants. If you’re using ordinary cannabis nutrients, a good idea is to start out with 50% or even 25% of the recommended dose.

To max out yield, you should sow seeds directly into their final containers. Alternatively, you can germinate them using the paper towel method (or whatever your preferred germination method may be) and then put them straight into large pots. A healthy root zone must be fostered early.

Autoflowering cannabis will race from seedling to stash in a quick 60–90 days. When autos are stressed too much or their growth is otherwise slowed, they will still bloom at the same time, and your yields will suffer.

WHITE LSD AUTO (5 Auto Feminized Marijuana Seeds)
Autoflowering version of super potent White LSD. Sativa dominant auto Super potent and big yielding auto Psychoactive High.

AUTO AK47 (5 Auto Feminized Marijuana Seeds)
Automatic AK47. Highly resinous and compact, dense bud structure. Powerful indica stone. Ready in just 70 days from seed.

Strain Types

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White LSD Auto
A beautiful sativa buzz that is very cerebral and uplifting. Sweet and Sour flavours indicative of Sativa dominant strains

WHITE WIDOW MAX AUTO (5 Auto Feminized Marijuana Seeds)
Autoflowering version of the legendary White Widow Max Incredible potency and resin production Finished in just 70-75 days from seed Strong, long lasting high.