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best way to smoke weed seeds

Smoking requires combustion, which implies that there are high-temperature conditions involved. The elevated temperatures could oxidize some of the toxic compounds in the air, including heavy metals like mercury and carcinogenic compounds like benzopyrene and benzanthracene.

A cannabis cola simply refers to the central flower cluster that usually forms on the uppermost portion of the larger branches in a mature marijuana plant.

This article shall shed more light on that.

iii. The seeds are shallow in essential marijuana compounds.

On the other hand, male cannabis plants are mostly known for their ability to produce pollen grains. Generally, experts recommend discarding male cannabis plants from a marijuana farm. That’s because their pollen might pollinate the female plants and, in the process, cause a small number of cannabis seeds in female marijuana’s colas.

As we’ve already highlighted, cannabis seeds are formed in the nugs during pollination. Researchers have established that consuming marijuana seeds along with the nuggets, might trigger headaches. Now, that might get you wondering, can you then consume cannabis seeds that are not part of weed nuggets? Well, these seeds are not recommended either. Besides causing headaches, the seeds might also trigger a host of mental and physical discomfort.

The female reproductive parts in a hermaphrodite cannabis plant are not an issue at all. The problem lies with the male parts, which might cause unwanted pollination. By and large, you should avoid smoking cannabis seeds, particularly seeds found within cannabis nugs.

One great thing about cannabis plants is that they don’t contain toxic compounds. That explains why many users who experience adverse effects often report mild and short-lasting side effects than many other herbal extracts. However, the equation suddenly changes when it comes to smoking, and worse yet, when smoking marijuana seeds.

For those concerned about the adverse effects of smoking weed on their lungs, a vaporizer is a solid bet. It’ll safely heat the weed, and it doesn’t cause the respiratory problems smokers often face.

If you ever get bored of blunts (impossible, right?) or you’re just looking for a spontaneous way to light some green, keep reading. Here are some creative ways to consume marijuana :

Vaping also uses a lower temperature than other methods, so it preserves all the good stuff in your weed.


There are many ways to use weed, but smoking is a preferred choice for most. The sheer diversity of options can even be confusing. You may be wondering, ‘What weed can I smoke?’ or ‘What can I smoke weed out of?’

Fling your worries away because we’ve got the answers. As experienced weed connoisseurs, we’ve tried and tested countless methods from all over the globe. In this guide, we’ll zoom in on the best way to smoke marijuana.

Dabbing requires special equipment such as a rig, wand, nail, carb cap, and a butane blowtorch. Like vaping, dabbing is an expensive hobby to start, but it’s worth it for the head-spinning high.

A chillum pipe looks similar to a one-hitter thanks to its bat-like shape. Typically made of glass or clay, a chillum is easy to clean, and its compact size makes it portable. They tend to be affordable, and you don’t need any additional equipment – just weed and a lighter.