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best us seed banks weed reddit

Neptune Seed Bank ships out of USA. Huge selection best sorting I’ve ever seen. I got 7 freebies on my order of 6 seeds

Had good experiences with.. growerschoice, 9%cc fee and heavilyconnected, uses paypal also.

Oregon Elite Seeds They are a US distributor for a lot of the over sees breeders. This means you can get trusted genetics without having to mess with customs. Their prices are pretty reasonable, too. If you are looking for US genetics, DC Seed Exchange is a great place.

I'm looking into buying more seeds from another seed bank. I currently use seed supreme, I am not dissatisfied, however that take a long time to get here.. I need a new bank!! Input please. (while not in the US they are based in Canada and have fairly decent shipping speed)

I placed a small order direct from mephisto for a 3 pack double grape. They sent 5 double grape and 5bluetoof and 6 7 stickers. arrived in 3 days from Colorado to California. I'm less than 3 weeks into growing so i cant say anthing about their potency or yield yet, but they seem to be growing quickly and vigorously. also they have strong odor already too. so far 3/3 germ. Mephisto is about to drop new strains they call illuminautos. I am eyballing the port and stilton, jammy dodgers, and crem-tasmo. Their site says dropping August so hopefully it will be really soon.