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best tasting weed seeds

Over the years, our skilled breeders have created some of the tastiest strains around. Our new releases for 2021 demonstrate perhaps their greatest achievements so far. These varieties offer sweet and fruity terpenes and enormous levels of THC.

Cannabis is one of the most profoundly beautiful-smelling plants that exist on Earth, and will certainly occupy bouquets and flower arrangements of the future. But what is it that gives cannabis such a unique and incredible aroma? Well, the surface of cannabis flowers houses tiny mushroom-shaped glands known as trichomes. These glands are essentially miniature chemical factories that produce secondary metabolites, molecules that contribute to the plant’s survival in nature. These molecules include the cannabinoids we know and love, as well as aromatic chemicals called terpenes.

It’s the terpenes that produce such intense and diverse aromas and tastes within the cannabis plant. Terpenes are not unique to cannabis, though. They are what give plants such as pine trees and fruits such as oranges and lemons such recognisable smells. These molecules are found in high concentrations within cannabis flowers, resulting in such intense sensory experiences. Not only do they contribute towards such amazing smells; they also enhance the action of cannabinoids such as THC and CBD.

With parents like Gelato and Bubba Kush, you’d imagine Gelato-K would turn out well. Turns out, you would be right! It welcomes smokers with a kiss of sweetness on one cheek and a fruity one on the other. The nose gets just as much of a journey as the tongue, with sugar seemingly filling the air surrounding it. Increasing the sativa representation on this list, this beauty also slams you with 20% THC, keeping you euphoric yet alert. This makes it ideal for smoking in the daytime, but having a bit at night won’t keep you up too late.

In case you haven’t noticed the sweetness pattern yet, let’s talk about Sweet Candy. Well, even though the name is all sweet, the flavour has nuances. Yes, you can expect a rush of caramel that comes in like a confectionery tsunami. However, earthy tones come to the fore as a pleasant surprise, working better than one would expect. The aroma matches, making it smell like you’re in the middle of a candy store. It’s an indica clocking in at 17%, so you’ll be as ready to pass out like you have a belly full of sweets.


These days, we have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to great-tasting cannabis. Whether you’re the type to clear out a candy store or sip IPAs, there’s definitely a flavour for you. Sometimes, though, it can feel like too many options, and you end up regretting no matter what you pick.

Combining a pure Afghani indica with a Thai sativa was a daunting task, but Fruity Juice is not like the others. This rich, fruity flavour will take you right back to the good old days spent sipping juice pouches. A festival for the taste buds, this strain is sweet, fruity (with specific notes of pineapple and mango), and delightfully tangy. Just as interesting as the flavour is its high, fuelled by 17% THC and a balanced indica/sativa genetic profile. Offering the most uplifting and relaxing sensations in one experience, would we replace actual fruit juice with it? Well, why can’t we have both?

Sticking with the trend of refreshing sensations, who doesn’t love a strawberry lemonade in the summer? We sure do, and we think Strawberry Lemonade is the perfect complement to it. It starts with vibrant notes of lemon, then the generous touches of strawberry bring in variety, balancing the sweet, citrusy elements. The aroma reflects all this, infusing the scent of fruity hash to challenge the senses even further. Smoking this sativa-dominant hybrid will have you feeling more uplifted, creative, and focused than ever. With 20% THC, it can help relieve pain, too, along with boosting positive feelings.