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best south carolina weed seeds

Dakini Kush is a great indica-dominant strain for a lazy and relaxing evening at home or with those whose company you enjoy most.

We know what you’re thinking. “Well, if both recreational and medicinal use of marijuana is illegal in South Carolina, why should I be shopping at Pacific Seed Bank?” We promise we’re not useless in this case (LOL). And here’s why: it’s actually legal to buy marijuana seeds in South Carolina. That’s right, the laws and rule regarding marijuana plants don’t apply to the actual seeds. On their own, marijuana seeds are harmless in terms of psychoactive activity.

CBD Mango Haze Feminized Marijuana Seeds

No need to pair wine with these Cheese Quake marijuana, a pungnent a sweet-scented strain that boasts its own hint of grape. Topping out at 18% THC, even medical patients will enjoy Cheese Quake for its 1.5% CBD, realtive ease of growth and impressive yields.

Grand Hindu’s origins as a cross between Grandaddy Purple and Hindu Kush will come as a surprise to no one who enjoys this strain’s fruity, grape flavor and its potent body high, easing tensions and promoting relaxation while alleviating negative thoughts.

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Sadly, you cannot legally consume cannabis in South Carolina, but we all know people do anyways. The state has a long and loving relationship with the plant despite what the law books may say. The national movement towards full legalization is gaining ground and leaders like California and Colorado are showing that it can be done, South Carolina is bound to jump on the legalization train sooner or later. Hang in there, it’ll happen eventually and until that day, Weed Seeds has your back with the seeds you want to have ready for when you are allowed to grow at home in the Palmetto state.

Yes, marijuana seeds are legal in South Carolina, however, only in their dormant state. It’s when they sprout that the state’s lawmakers see it as a prohibited substance. You are well within your rights to legally Buy 420 Seeds For Sale and stockpile as many as you wish. In recent years, polls taken in the state have shown that over eighty percent of residents asked are in favor of medical marijuana legalization. At this point in time the state has legalized CBD therapies, but the laws take a conservative approach to say the least. The momentum is gathering though, and attitudes are changing, so it won’t be long before marijuana is fully legal in South Carolina.

The Carolina Reaper. Sounds ominous right? Well it is, it is considered to be the world’s hottest pepper. To put that into perspective, the standard jalapeno rates around four hundred thousand Scoville Heat Units or SHU. The infamous Carolina Reaper tips the scales at over two million SHU. If you are curious but not willing to undergo the torture, you can view it from a safe distance in Fort Mills at the Smoking Ed’s Pepper eating Challenge. Ed is a South Carolina legend, owner of PuckerButt Pepper Company and the man responsible for unleashing the Reaper on SC. The contest is open to anyone unstable enough to submit to the pain and test their tolerance, but buyer beware because entering as a competitor may come with consequences.

What are the laws around Recreational Use in SC?

On a different note, did you know that South Carolina is home to the only natural Monkey colony in the United States. Morgan Island is a two thousand acre barrier island that supports a Rhesus Monkey colony numbering over three thousand animals. The island is inaccessible to humans, however, the colony can be observed by boat or from nearby islands. Monkeys are cute but SC is also home to another more terrifying creature, well, the legend of one. The legend of the Lizard Man began when a young man pulled off the road to fix a flat tire next to the Scape Ore Swamp near Bishopville. When he exited his vehicle a seven foot tall, three fingered scaly creature emerged from the swamp and proceeded to thrash the young man’s car. He reported the incident to police and his car was recovered with deep slashes and dents in it. The incident took place in the eighties, however, since the first recorded one there have been dozens more reported all ending in destroyed vehicles. Someone needs to get the lizard man an indica strain to chill out with. Weed Seeds has all the indica seeds a grower could ever need!

South Carolina is the eastern most state in the deep south, bordered by North Carolina and separated from Georgia by the Savannah River. The eighth state to ratify the constitution, the first state to vote to leave the union and the fourth state readmitted to the union after the American Civil War. That’s all history though and that isn’t what we’re here to talk about. Instead, let’s chat about pot and how to grow it in South Carolina. Prospective and experienced cultivators can Contact Us for more information on seeds of strains they may want to grow at home.

From one heat to another, let’s talk BBQ. Not many people know that South Carolina is reputed to be the birthplace of Barbeque cooking. Many places make claims to the cooking technique, however, recorded history tells of how the Native Americans of the area taught settlers how to spit roast a boar over hot coals. BBQ cooking has since become a SC staple and the state hosts hundreds of thousands of tourists a year seeking the sticky fingered and smoky flavored deliciousness. The state even has its own distinct sauce that is served from Columbia to Charleston and beyond. Carolina Gold, as it is called, is a meat tenderizing mix of mustard, brown sugar and spices. It will make you hungry just reading about it!

Unfortunately, South Carolina has not taken significant steps towards decriminalization let alone legalization of cannabis. Residents are not legally allowed to consume for recreational purposes in any form. That’s never stopped anyone from partaking the herb. Prohibition of alcohol did not work, and neither is prohibition of marijuana, it merely pushes it underground and there is a thriving underground culture in the state, as a result. At this point in time, only registered medical marijuana patients are allowed to possess any kind of cannabis product and it can only be CBD oils that contain less than 0.9% THC. Even further to that, patients must have a very specific diagnosis of three different epileptic seizure disorders.