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best settings for weed and seed

* x2 means 2 application at 90 degrees to each other forming a crosshatch pattern

Measure area to treat and weigh out correct amount of product. Set aperture to 0 and fill on a level surface – not on a lawn or cultivated area. Select appropriate setting on spreader and evenly spread over whole measured area. Continuously turn handle and walk at a normal pace. Application rate can vary depending on walking speed and handle turning speed. To increase application overlap more frequently.

Westland Hand Spreader:

Not suitable for fertilisers containing pesticides.

Autumn is a critical time in the lawn care calendar. However, there’s lots you can do to prepare your lawn to make it through the.


Loveland Weed and Feed is available in 10,000 sq/ft, and 15,000 sq/ft bags to help you get full coverage.

Apply with a broadcast spreader over a wet or damp lawn when no rain or mowing is expected for 48 hours.


Minimum 30 days between applications. Retreatment may be needed if heavily overrun with weeds.

Spreader settings shown here are approximate for new equipment. Your spreader may need calibration, due to differences in terrain, walking speed, an equipment condition. Calibrate your spreader before use to ensure the correct application rate. Can’t find your spreader on the bag? Call 1-800-922-4100

Step #2 of Uncle’s Idiot Proof Lawn Care Program. Use Weed and Feed in early spring to control broadleaf weeds. Apply over damp leaf on a day above 65 ° and dandelions will curl up and die. In fall, broadleaf weeds are actively storing food or energy for dormant winter survival. An application of Loveland Weed and Feed in October or November will kill broadleaf weeds down to the roots.

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