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best purple weed seeds

Buy Alaskan Purple Feminized Seeds🌱

Pakistan Chitral Kush is a pure indica purple strain known around the cannabis world as one of Pakistan’s best hash production plants. Bred in the Iberian Peninsula since the nineties, Pakistan Chitral Kush by Ace Seeds/Cannabiogen has been selectively inbred for maximum colors, tastes, and scents. The seeds develop into two main phenotypes—one stays green while the other gets pink, red, and purple colors. Both have an indica structure with wide leaves, branching growth, and a fast flowering time. PCK shows surprising resilience against rain and fungal disease. The potent Kush buds produce a stoney, relaxing effect. Smells like fresh strawberries and blackberries.

Alaskan Purple

Devil Cream Auto by Sweet Seeds is an autoflowering crossbreed of Dark Devil Auto and Black Cream Auto that shows incredible hybrid vigor. Nearly 90% of the plants have purple coloring. Devil Cream Auto grows equally well both indoors and outdoors, maxing out at 48 inches tall with a strong central stem and plenty of side branching. Its main central cola is big and dense, while the quality is also high in the smaller buds, which get loaded with sugar crystals. Complex, sweet aroma with hints of lemon. A potent purple strain with an exciting effect.

Best purple strains list of top purple feminized, regular, photoperiod, and autoflowering cannabis seeds. While legendary purple strains often exist in clone-only form, such as Purple Urkle and Grape Ape, these popular “real deal” purple weed strains are for sale as seeds that grow dank, connoisseur-quality purple-colored buds.

LSD-25 Auto by Fast Buds Seeds is a prized autoflowering cannabis strain that provides fast high yields of dark purple buds with an intense psychedelic potency. A very popular strain in the growing community, LSD-25 Auto is a heavy-feeding, thirsty plant that reaches a height between 26 to 48 inches. It turns purple during flowering, like the buds were splattered in black paint. Grade A bag appeal, high resin content, and strong odors of paint and varnish. LSD-25 is a pungent smoke with a powerful, long-lasting psychedelic creative buzz. 21–23% THC.

One sure “unforgettable” with Mendocino Purps is the cravings it produces. This smoke is intended for loungers who have food at hand. The high behind Mendocino Purps calls for a responsible smoker. It has a tendency for mild paranoia, so don’t abuse the trichomes on these flowers. Here’s a plant ideal for those who can wait for the evening to come. Those who can prepare for a solid sedation can handle Mendocino Purps with relative ease.

This is regardless of the color or flower they produce. Plants from all genera have reds, pinks or purples in their stems due to photosynthesis. The exact chemical element here is called anthocyanin. In most cases, healthy doses of sunlight can create this compound with ease. All you have to do is watch your plants slowly bloom in purple.

Fuel isn’t just the name of the plant. Purple Diesel has a THC level of 14% for new growers.

Purple Strain #6. Granddaddy Purple

The cannabis plant has a natural drive to reproduce itself, and this is why all flowers, likewise, eventually burst into color. Insects have a keen eye for bright hues and pungent smells. These insects make pollination possible in the natural world. Modern LEDs might also shift your plants purple, depending on the hues they emit, but coloration happens as a natural effort to attract. Many smokers even find themselves intrigued by “things” that are simply purple.

If you haven’t quite guessed it, this purple abode is home to Michigan state. The Kush identity it holds originated from popular Afghani strains. Smokers are attracted to this bush because it balances a sedated feel with an energetic rush. That type of effect is usually hard to calibrate, but you won’t find anything missing as both accents hit you equally.

The appeal is real. You can find “purple” with the same quality of smoke that other strains have. Don’t let the popular misconceptions of “purp” lead you to harm your plants however. Think of color as a natural process with no help necessary. As a result of cold temperatures, cannabis plants are shown to darken, purple, in color. Many strains of marijuana produce stems or old leaves with this purple in them.

In being recognized for its CBD, Purple Trainwreck is unique because it’s medicinal AND purple. The cannabidiol compound gives cannabis its power to sooth pain. Every dose of CBD in Purple Trainwreck can even settle anxiety. Lemon, surprisingly, is the delicious flavor you’ll find mixed with berries. These fruits are also the fragrance of the plant.