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best medical weed seeds

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All CBD cannabis seeds are subject to rigorous testing to ensure they develop the correct ratios of CBD. By using industry-leading genetics and advanced breeding techniques, our range of CBD cannabis seeds have verified stability. As the genome of each mother plant defines how much CBD will be produced, we use only the finest medical marijuana plants for crossing and selection.

CBD cannabis seeds are available in feminized or autoflowering varieties, making them ideal for growers of all skill levels. Medicinal users can take advantage of CBD’s anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective, and antioxidant properties.

Our Medical Marijuana Seeds come directly from Medical Seedbank, a breeder of world class medical seeds chosen from medical cannabis plants with the most medicinal properties.

Medica Seedbank is focused entirely on the curation and development of medical marijuana seeds with the highest medicinal value. Through years of trial and error they have produced a handful of high potency Medical Grade Cannabis Strains, Medical Seedbank only provides medical marijuana seeds with the highest medicinal value!

In cultivating a nice tasting Indica/Sativa hybrid with a CBD ratio of between 1:1 and 4:1, Dutch-Passion and CBD-Crew have won several prizes with this weed including first place in the medicinal category of the Canadian Karma Cup in 2016.

Are you curious about the whole range of medicinal weed seeds on offer? Check out our medicinal weed seeds category right now. You’re sure to find a medicinal weed seed there that’s just right for you.

With its CBD:THC relationship of 20:1, the weed from this particular plant is ideally suitable as a relaxant and for getting relief from chronic ailments such as cramp and spasms. This weed has anti-inflammatory properties and influences the immune system at various points in the body.

THC Medicinal Weed for Indoor Growing: Dutch Passion CBD Skunk Haze

The result? A strong weed plant which is highly tolerant of the Dutch climate. With an average CBD percentage of 14.8% and a THC percentage of 4.6%, the weed from this Indica-dominant plant is highly suited for use in the evenings before going to sleep. Sweet dreams!

People talk about weed in terms of getting high (mental effect) or stoned (physical effect). You probably already know that THC is responsible for this. But there are a lot of other substances in this plant which make an important contribution to the medicinal use of weed.

Not every cannabis plant is the same. You can tell that from the huge diversity sold in the coffee shops. It’s natural that not every cannabis plant is the same. That sounds logical but when you’re growing medicinal weed yourself in the end it’s not only about the weed variety. Do you want to grow weed indoors or outdoors? Do you need CBD to help you or just THC? In this blog we introduce you to our favourite weed seeds for medicinal use.

This made the selection of a THC-rich variety with a high enough CBD percentage to suppress the high not easy. And that’s without even considering whether such a weed plant is strong enough for planting in a Dutch garden. Yet for precisely that reason we have included a particular medicinal weed seed from the CBD crew.