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best liquid lawn weed and seed concentrate

We looked for weed and feed fertilizers that would suit a variety of purposes. Because of this, we picked some options that eliminate existing weeds and some that would prevent weeds.

Why We Like It: This granular weed and feed fertilizer stops weeds while nourishing your plants.

If they don’t, you normally need to mix with water to dilute them before pouring them onto plants. Liquid fertilizers tend to be inexpensive, but they can have a high risk of burning plants if you’re not careful when applying them.

Application Instructions

Why We Like It: Balancing the safety and effectiveness of organic fertilizers with the ability to prevent weeds, this weed and feed fertilizer is an excellent option.

To find out how much of each of these nutrients are in fertilizers, look up their NPK value. NPK stands for nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium’s element symbols. The value is shown as x-x-x, with each number representing a percentage of the whole.

Organic fertilizers are normally slow-release, gradually producing results since they have no artificial ingredients to speed up the release. They are made with natural ingredients like kelp, alfalfa, seaweed, and blood meal.

Who Should Buy It: If you want your garden beds to stay weed-free and healthy all year long, try this granular weed and feed fertilizer.

Must dilute yourself

Volume: 1 gallon | Plant Type: Crabgrass, Dandelions, Moss, and Other Listed Weeds

Best Overall: Spectracide Weed and Grass Killer Concentrate

Will not harm flowers and other vegetation

Not great for covering a large area

This natural weed killer comes in 1-gallon jars, and it can be used on driveways, sidewalks, concrete, mulch, flower beds, and more. (Avoid spraying the solution on healthy grass, as it’s harmful to all plants.) You can use the weed killer straight out of the bottle, and the natural acid starts drying out weeds on contact. You’ll see visible results in less than 24 hours, and the company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not happy with the performance.