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best cheese weed seeds

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Expect these 18.5% THC buds to deliver a soothing high that is best enjoyed while laid out on the sofa. Impressive yields of 800g/m² indoors and 800g/plant outdoors will be ready to harvest in around 8 weeks, so impatient growers will find a lot to love here.

While most popular cannabis strains are beloved for their sweet and fruity flavours, Cheese-derived strains have a different appeal. These cultivars are largely bred to be as pungent as possible, mimicking or building upon the original Cheese’s unmistakable aroma. In fact, many breeders make a contest out of who can achieve the dankest scent as extra motivation.


This strain is strong-smelling and tasting, but in the best way! A perfect blend of ruderalis, indica, and sativa genetics, Sweet Cheese Automatic is an easy-to-grow strain for casual smokers. She’s a beautiful plant, growing tall and taking just 8 weeks to reach harvest from germination. Come harvest, you’ll be impressed by some hearty yields of big buds. These buds offer around 17–18% THC, giving rise to a cerebral high with euphoric and stimulating properties.

A combination of White Cheese and ruderalis, this strain is fast-growing, taking only 60–70 days to reach maturity and delivering impressive yields of up to 450g/m² indoors and 220g/plant outdoors! Buds boasting a moderate THC content of 17% are your reward for growing her, and the high itself combines bursts of euphoria with soothing sensations.

Another feminized variation on the classic Cheese, courtesy of Greenhouse Seeds, this is one seriously skunky treat. Cheese has won numerous awards (including the High Times Cannabis Cup), and for good reason. With strong skunky hints of pine and Parmesan cheese, this strain is truly designed to be savoured.

Sometimes known as “UK Cheese” or just “Cheese”, Green House Seeds’ Exodus Cheese variety has earned legendary status. At one time only available in the UK as clones, this Skunk #1 phenotype is exclusive and potent which probably accounts for its popularity not only here in Britain but across the globe.

Thanks to the 19% THC and Indica-dominant genes, Blue Cheese is guaranteed to provide you with a full-body, fairly potent high. With its relaxing and meditative effects, paired with the extra concentration boost and creative vibes that its Sativa genes add to the mix, this strain is the perfect accompaniment to meditation, yoga and generally chilling out.

As for the aroma – as you might expect the smells are, at first, skunky like an aged cheese, but you’ll soon notice different sweet and mild berry-like notes creeping in. This is mirrored in its flavour too which is creamy and sweet, reminiscent of a blueberry cheesecake.

Sweet Cheese

With a strong taste and smell, Sweet Cheese from Sweet Seeds is the ideal blend of Sativa, Indica and Ruderalis which couldn’t be simpler to grow. The combination of Blackjack and Cheese compounds results in a strain that is 70% Sativa and 30% Indica and that boasts a pretty impressive THC content of about 17%-18% so you can enjoy a euphoric cerebral high paired with wonderfully stimulating properties.

Created by crossing an old UK Cheese with Blue Cheese, this must-try variant is sweet, sour and Skunky with dank, pungent and strong flavours that conjure up the sweetness of cream cheese with just a hint of herbs and spices. If you can’t resist a cheeseboard, this is the strain for you with Indica-dominant 80% genes that offer complete muscle relaxation as well as a vibrant whole-body buzz.

The earliest ever Cheese variety was Skunk #1, the creation of Sam “The Skunkman” who has forever gone down in weed heritage as its originator. Although its super-strong cheesy scent was inevitably going to attract some unwanted attention, growers were nevertheless keen to use it as the basis of their cultivation experiments and soon, the strain was cloned and shared, finding a devoted following in the UK’s 1980s-90s underground rave scene. Many of the weed strains with cheese smell that we enjoy today emerged as a result of this late 20 th century experimentation.

Humboldt Seeds Organization’s UK Cheese strain contains 25% Sativa and 75% Indica genetics, bringing both skunkiness and high potency to the table along with easy-to-grow convenience. You’re definitely going to need some carbon filters when cultivating this crop thanks to the super-pungent aroma that it produces – after all, it’s one of the Cheese weed strains best known for its intense mature cheese odours and its unmistakeable strong, blue cheese flavour that is perfect for all savoury snack enthusiasts.