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australian blue weed seeds

Australian Blue is a 90/10 Sativa – Indica Hybrid is a mix of Blue Haze and Australian Duck . Outdoor growers need to be in moderately warm temperatures, but indoor growth works well in colder areas. Growers take note that Australian Blue Strain prefers soil. If grown correctly, patients enjoy a balanced Sativa experience. Patients report an active mind and the creative juices flowing. The Australian Blue experience is relaxed without putting the patient to sleep.

With its strong high, giving you a cerebral high, mind uplifting and giggly effect, this Aussie blues is recommended to be used daytime when you need to finish a lot of tasks.

This strain is a blue haze bred, with the Australian Boesi also known as Duck as the mother crossed first with the delicious tasting and high potent Azura and afterwards crossed again with Jack also known as Light of Jah, a multiple award winning strain. This continuous crossing after four careful selections from marijuana seeds resulted to this powerful 90% Aussie Blues marijuana seed.

Aussie Blues Weed Seeds

The best for growing indoors and can grow to over 5 feet outdoors.

The plants grow to be a tall and bushy with high level of THC, 15 to 20%. The strain is well suitable to indoor gardening especially with hydroponic cultivation. But this can also be grown outdoors.

If you want to experience the Australian Blues, smoke this grass. Order yours today from Mary Jane’s Garden seed bank.

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