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arizona seed and weed pre emergent

Keep your garden weed free by using the above tips and advice for pre-emergents, and stop by one of our stores and pick up yours today! While you’re there, don’t be shy about asking one of our experts for additional insight; we’re happy to help!

Safety Tip – Be certain to follow the product instructions to ensure your turf is safe post-treatment for your children and pets.

2. Measure your lawn surface area and calibrate your spreader properly prior to application. Applying more herbicide than is necessary could cause damage to your lawn and plants.

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4. If you have installed your turf within the last 3 months, withhold all pre-emergent herbicide applications so you do not damage the root system.

1. Irrigate afterwards; water activates pre-emergent herbicides.

1. Apply the pre-emergent in September or October to control winter weeds that come with January rains.

Before you put down an application of pre-emergent, consider these tips rounded up by West Coast Turf:

This water-based application is sprayed over dirt, landscaped rock or lawn areas to control the growth of broadleaf annual weeds. Pre-emergent means simply – before emerging. This material stops seeds from germinating, thus stopping weeds before they start. Because pre-emergent products only affect the seeds, they can usually be sprayed over existing plants without affecting them. According to manufacturers labels, pre-emergent products last from 4 to 8 months when applied correctly. In Arizona, depending on the property, and the weather, we can expect to get a solid 6 months of pre-emergent barrier protection. No matter the property, applying pre-emergent to the landscaped areas every 6 months is the best approach to keeping your propertry weed free.

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Pre-Emergent Weed Control

Pendimthalin, the active ingrediant in Pendulum Aquacap, is registered gloabally, including the EPA in the United States, for use on croplands, and non-croplands alike.

To verify that your pest-control professional is correctly licensed to apply pesticides in the State of Arizona, please follow the link below:

Pre-emergent products work by inhibiting key enzymes in the seeds or very early seedling growth of unwanted plants. The inhibiting of enzymes suppresses the cell division and elongation, which doesn’t allow the seedling to germinate, thus leaving you with no weed growth. Specifically, the pre-emergent most commonly used, Pendulum Aquacap, is classified as K-1 by the HRAC (Herbicide Resistance Action Committee), which is defined as “Microtubule Assembly Inhibition.” This Inhibition is what discourages the plant from progressing beyond the seed/seedling stage.