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are weed seeds viable after sprayed with glyphosate

High temperatures can also cause stress in the target plants, shutting down the stomata, leading to poor uptake.

All equipment should be properly serviced and calibrated to ensure efficient application.

– Medium-coarse BCPC (200-400 microns). Use low drift, flat fan, even-spray nozzles or Polyjet/anvil nozzles for knapsacks
– Avoid driftable fines (< 100 microns) by never using cone nozzles and fit pressure regulators to avoid over-pressurising hand pumps
– Larger drops have a longer liquid phase which helps direct uptake through stomata
– Use droplets on finer side of medium for optimum wetting of hairy plants like nettles.

This can be seen most obviously in the invasive alien Japanese Knotweed, but it is often a factor in the control of Rose Bay Willowherb, Common Ragwort, Creeping Thistle, Common Nettle, Brambles, Bracken, Canadian Fleabane, Common Couch and Ryegrasses

Volume/rate interaction

Resistance is not the same as tolerance, where some species are not controlled by leaf uptake of label doses, usually due to poor uptake through waxy cuticle. But, unlike resistant plants, these species can be controlled if glyphosate is directly applied by methods such as stump treatment, chemical thinning or stem injection.


A word about Round Up – try to find glyphosate instead. This is the active ingredient in Round Up without the other surfactants and ingredients which have an impact on the environment. Glyphosate bought as a generic is cheaper, and when mixing it with water to spray or apply by can, adding a dash of washing up liquid helps it to penetrate plant tissues.

My question is this: Will spraying herbicides (such as RoundUp) “kill” the sticker seed pods and prevent them from germinating in addition to killing the plant they are attached to?

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Round Up is a herbicide which kill ‘through the green’. The best time to apply is when the plant is growing strongly, the soil is damp, and the weather reasonably fair and not windy. Spray all stems till run off. Repeat applications might be necessary, but if you treat the plant before it flowers and sets seed, then it won’t flower and set seed. Once the seeds are formed, Round up will not have any effect on them.

@Bamboo-spray until runoff?? That’s the exact problem even chemical users can agree on.

I had the exact same problem as you are describing! A sticker INFESTATION! It got so bad at one point that I couldn’t walk around inside my house without shoes on because I my bare feet would find them in the carpet! Really annoying.