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are weed seeds legal in poland

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If you are travelling to Poland (or currently live there), you may be interested to know the following:

In my area they generally tolerate cannabis, they dont bother if you smoke or have up to 5 grams. You can also buy cannabis in 20+ stationery shops “from under the table” even in Tesco. And it’s cheap – 25 PLN if you buy 1 gram and 15 PLN if you buy 50 grams or more. In my city noone got prison sentence for cannabis or any other kind of drug. For dealing it’s always suspended sentence and you can get it multiple times. However, even it’s accessible the usage is very low as well other drugs. It’s really marginal. Most of the users are tourist and they are always punished even for the remains in grinder. We are also major producer of cannabis in country so there are checks on the road including buses and trains to catch the smugglers and they always get prison sentence. The locals are not punished.

Will it be legalised in the future?

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This has had a significant effect on the number of cases dropped by the General Prosecutor’s Office. According to available data, prosecutors decided to drop 4,273 cases in 2014 – about 1,100 more than in 2013. In 2012, prosecutors dropped just over 2,100 cases, with a further 160 dropped by the courts.

Many Polish people do recognise the value of medicinal cannabis, however, with a large majority supporting its legalisation. This may be a result it having been used in traditional medicines in Poland in the past.

Hemp has been grown in Poland for centuries. Known as ‘konopie’, before the 1950s, over 50,000 hectares were devoted to its cultivation, though the industry has been in a slow decline since then. For example, in 1995, only 3,000 hectares were cultivated, and in 2014, this had dropped to just over 100 hectares.

As said earlier, Poland was once a significant yielder of hemp, with over 50,000 hectares given over to its farming. However, the production has decreased since the 1950s.

Polish administrators calculated that approximately 300,000 patients would qualify for medical cannabis treatments.

Cannabis Laws In Poland

In instances where the offender is addicted to cannabis and where the penalty is limited to five years of confinement, the jurisdiction might offer therapy instead of a jail order.

The executives chose to pull the plug as the doctor did not register the right papers to get permission.

Cannabis Culture magazine declared that older people in Poland are “familiar with the use of marijuana tea as a healing agent and medicine” and that they are also “well aware that recent Polish hemp species don’t provide any significant level of mind-altering elements.”