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are weed seeds legal in greece

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Despite this, many Greek soldiers and refugees smoked cannabis regularly after World War I, but this decreased with the onset of the next World War.

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Greek attitudes to cannabis have shifted noticeably in recent years. Once regarded as a dangerous, Class A drug, its recent downgrading to Class B marks a growing change in public perception. It is still a criminal offence to use, possess or supply cannabis. But the decision to give judges the right to make the final decision on sentencing indicates that the law is becoming more flexible on the matter.

Growing legally for medicinal purposes: once again the laws passed are not precise, to get a license you have to fulfill many absurd requirements and in the end whether you get the licence or not will be up to an official’s opinion on whether you fulfill the requirements or not. Long story short, if you are interested in commercial cultivation of “medicine” you got to be a big (preferably foreign) company with a BIG budget that partly will be used for bribing the relevant officials that get to decide whether you fulfill the requirements or not.

Greek law permits the sale, purchase and possession of cannabis seeds. It is legal to send them via the post too. At present, the use of cannabis seeds is restricted. For example, you are not legally permitted to germinate them, nor can you use them to grow plants.

Under Greece’s current licensing system, cannabis medical products can be obtained on prescription from pharmacists. They are not yet subsidised through the state. Exact numbers of patients are not known, but it is believed that thousands currently use cannabis to alleviate symptoms associated with various medical conditions.

In the year 2011, the Greek government briefly flirted with the idea of decriminalisation for cannabis in small quantities, but this never came to pass, nor to become law. According to the European Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Addiction(OEDT) the penalty for possession, processing or cultivation for personal use is a maximum of 5 months in prison. This penalty can be substituted for a rehabilitation or counselling program.

Although cannabis fibre dates back to the year 200 BC and was widely used to make ropes, fabric for sales and other fabrics like sailing ropes, ancient recreational use seems to have been more limited. The philosopher Democritus wrote in 460 BC of a potion made with wine, cannabis and myrrh that caused alutionary and visionary states and that was known as potomaugis or potamasgis. In 70 AD the doctor Dioscorides registered cannabis amongst his medicines and at this time it was commonly used in Greek medicine, the leaf for nosebleeds and the seeds to treat tapeworms and earache.

1987 and the International Treaties

Despite its repressive past, it seems that the new Syriza government is bringing change with the legalization of industrial hemp and the celebration of the first Cannabis Festival in May 2015. This event brought hundreds of activists and cannabis users together in Syntagma Square in Athens.

Greek laws remain tough compared to European standards. The use of any type of recreational drug, including cannabis, can carry a custodial sentence of up to 8 years if the offence is serious. And if we are talking about trafficking involving professionals such as doctors or persons involved in organised crime, a life sentence may be imposed.

Since the new favourable legislation, cannabis project investors are looking at Greece with interest, as a country with a particularly warm and sunny climate, similar to that of California, and very conducive to cannabis cultivation. This industry is widely considered to be the way to take the country out of the economic crisis which it has suffered for the last seven years.

As with any other sort of marijuana production, the plants utilized must contain less than 0.2% THC.

The Greek drug law also declares that the police can charge a drug-dependent offender with drug dealing for a conditional discharge. The conditions are as following if he or she

Those sentenced to drug supply may be confined imprisonment up to 3 years if addicted or dealing in a group, or at least eight years’ custody if not.

Can you Sell Marijuana in Greece

Cannabis has a rich, glorious history in Greece. In ancient eras, it was appreciated for its therapeutic benefits, like reducing “inflammation, earache and edema” (Lahanas, Examples of Ancient Greek Medical Knowledge, 2006). A well-known historian, Herodotus, also remarked that the Scythian tribes inhaled the smoke of it.

Greek police officers are not actively watching for cannabis when tourists pass them by, but they won’t have any difficulties stopping you if you act differently.

The law prescribes that it is prohibited to raise the cannabis plant in the house. Technically speaking, it is not forbidden to buy cannabis seeds. But you cannot germinate the seeds, nor can you use them to cultivate plants.

To grow, cannabis plants need warmth and light. It is something that Southern European countries such as Greece have plenty of. Building cannabis farms in the nation makes good marketing sense, and secure access to other European nations is also advantageous.