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are weed seeds legal in germany

Another dig in Wilmersdorf (now part of Berlin) revealed cannabis seeds in a funerary urn, dating back 2,500 years.

Over the ages, various organizers in Berlin had picked up the mark and launched different kinds of displays. From really big with a parade truck and stage to mini demos, everything has already been done.

Cannabis Legalization in Germany

It is legally allowed to use, buy, and sell CBD (as long as it contains less than 0.2% THC) under EU law . However, be assured that there are some uncertainties in the law. It’s legal to buy a CBD product from a store, but other sorts of low THC cannabis-products may not be.

Let’s understand the footsteps of cannabis in the history of Germany!

Berlin , the capital of the nation, hosts a yearly ‘Hanfparade’ (hemp parade), a demonstration asking for the full legalization of hemp; the city is also home to the Hanfmuseum (hemp museum), the only cannabis-focused museum in Germany. The significant cannabis-related events in Germany areas the following:

If you live in the USA, you are at the mercy of your own state’s specific legislation. Technically speaking, cannabis seeds are prohibited under federal law in every state. What complicates matters is that several states have now authorised marijuana for recreational use as well as medicinal use. If you do live in a state with legalized weed, rules surrounding the purchasing of seeds vary. As always, check the technicalities at a local level.

As a direct result, many European countries have seen a distinct increase in the opening of seed shops. Since it is down to law enforcement to prove the purchase of seeds is with the intent to cultivate cannabis, many store owners operate on a thin line between legal and illegal activity.

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Cannabis seed legality is an obscure topic. With each country taking its own approach to cannabis legality, many buyers assume the seeds will be treated in the same vein. It is, however, the process of germination that attracts the eyes of the law when it comes to purchasing cannabis seeds. Therefore, in theory, it is perfectly legal to buy cannabis seeds as long as it cannot be proven that you intend to grow cannabis from them, either privately or commercially.


While this broad approach applies to Europe, when a product enters a specific country, it is then subject to that country’s laws. Therefore, it is possible to buy seeds prohibited in your own country, but legal in another.

Where does that leave consumers interested in cannabis seeds? Germany is still subject to the principle of free movement of goods in the EU, so having cannabis seeds shipped to Germany is permitted. You will not be subject to criminal repercussions if you order cannabis seeds online. Cannabis is legal by exception for users who have been granted a prescription by a medical professional.

Spain is unique in that it operates as a series of decentralised regions, each one capable of making their own regulations in regards to cannabis. Generally, the same approach can be applied to Spain as a whole. While seed shops will need legal authorisation to sell cannabis seeds, their private use remains legal.

Taking a similar approach to the UK, Spain has a slightly more lenient stance regarding cannabis and its seeds. It is legal to buy and sell cannabis seeds as long as it is for personal use in private areas. As such, it’s possible to germinate cannabis seeds for personal use without falling foul of the law, unless it can be proved that you intend to traffic.

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