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are weed seeds legal in france

So strict are the French in this area that partnerships for cannabis also border on illegality, is illegal also because incitement to consume marijuana. You may not promote the legalization of cannabis or agitate for marijuana. However there are associations calling for the legalization of the substance. In the case of the Terra Nova Foundation, which wants to end the repressive policy against marijuana and proposes to legalize the sale, production and consumption as a state monopoly. The Foundation ensures that this proposal, the French Treasury could collect no more and no less than 1,800 million euros annually.

In the neighboring country, production, possession, sale, purchase of cannabis, not even for medicinal use is prohibited. The penalties imposed by the French legislation, ranging from monetary fines and imprisonment, depending on the extent of the amount seized.

Legislation cannabis in France

Medicinal cannabis, also illegal

The gendarmes usually do is determine that the amount seized is for personal use, then the merchandise is confiscated and proceeds to its destruction. In many cases in which complaints have reached the courts generally, the judge dismisses. What do the French authorities, is to apply a sentence of four years to anyone who has relapsed several times in the same crime. That is, if the person in question is caught several times with cannabis, may have to serve a sentence, regardless of the amount of cannabis seized.

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As regards consumption of cannabis, the maximum penalty to which the consumer is exposed in France, it is one year in prison or a maximum fine of 3,750 euros. In addition, in the Gallic country, cannabis consumption involves possession. Although it must be said, that if the amount of cannabis seized is small, usually these people are not processed as long as it can be demonstrated that there is no link with the production or trafficking of marijuana.

France is one of the strictest European countries for cannabis. Proof of this is that it is not even allowed medical cannabis because it is illegal. Three years ago an article in the French Public Health Code was amended to authorize the drugs that were prepared from cannabis, but the medicinal cannabis remains prohibited. And although at the time it was said that in late 2015, Sativex (cannabis-based drug widely used for patients suffering from multiple sclerosis and can legally purchase in 17 European countries) would be on sale in french pharmacies, the truth is that today is not yet marketed in this country.

Cannabis seed legality is an obscure topic. With each country taking its own approach to cannabis legality, many buyers assume the seeds will be treated in the same vein. It is, however, the process of germination that attracts the eyes of the law when it comes to purchasing cannabis seeds. Therefore, in theory, it is perfectly legal to buy cannabis seeds as long as it cannot be proven that you intend to grow cannabis from them, either privately or commercially.

Spain is unique in that it operates as a series of decentralised regions, each one capable of making their own regulations in regards to cannabis. Generally, the same approach can be applied to Spain as a whole. While seed shops will need legal authorisation to sell cannabis seeds, their private use remains legal.


The act of buying, selling, or trading cannabis seeds is legal in the UK, whether you are receiving them domestically or from other European countries. The biggest legal issue surrounds the germination of cannabis seeds. This is illegal, and anyone found doing so will be subject to prosecution. It is important that the seeds are purchased from reputable vendors and that no discussion is had about germination. This could be construed as buying “with intent”, which would make the activity illegal.

Germany presents a complicated stance on cannabis seeds. Seeds do not fall under the German Narcotics Act, which therefore makes them legal to buy. However, Germany has prohibited the sale of cannabis seeds countrywide, being the only European nation to have done so.

Cannabis seeds are viewed as cultivation equipment, which makes acquiring them easy thanks to numerous grow shops. Other than that, any cannabis-related activity is still prohibited, making germination an illegal act. Even though there are reports of users being let off when caught with a small amount for personal use, cannabis is still illegal.