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are weed seeds illegal in pennsylvania

Possession or sale of paraphernalia is punishable by up to one year in jail and a fine up to $2,500, unless the sale was to a minor, in which case the possible penalties double.

Possession of 30 grams or less of marijuana is a misdemeanor, punishable by up to 30 days in jail and a fine of up to $500. The penalties for possession of greater than 30 grams increase to a possible one year in prison and a fine up to $5,000.

Any second or subsequent drug conviction increases the possible penalties to twice those for first time offenders.

Conditional release: The state allows conditional release or alternative or diversion sentencing for people facing their first prosecutions. Usually, conditional release lets a person opt for probation rather than trial. After successfully completing probation, the individual’s criminal record does not reflect the charge.

Delivery of marijuana within 1,000 ft of a school or within 250 ft. of recreational playground is punishable by 2-4 years in prison.

Registered medical marijuana patients are allowed to use pot in the state of Pennsylvania, though public use is still prohibited. Those critical patients under the age of 18 are legally allowed to use marijuana as long as a parent, caregiver, or another guardian has given documented permission. There are a few dispensaries around some major cities that supply medical marijuana to registered cardholders and, as long as patients are able to present their registration card, or are able to access their digital one, they are allowed to carry and transport their weed all over the state.

Feel free to Contact Us for more information about weed seeds in the U.S. Just because you cannot legally grow them, does not mean you can’t have them.

Where the law gets a bit fuzzy is around non-cardholders. The Governor himself, Tom Wolf, has been pushing for legalization since he first signed Senate Bill 3 in 2016, allowing for the use of medical marijuana. In 2018, the Governor signed House Bill 163, effectively tossing the smoke a joint, lose your license law. 2019 brought Governor Wolf’s statewide listening tour, polling residents of all 67 counties within Pennsylvania on whether they were for legalization or not. The majority of citizens were for full legalization while many others considered decriminalization enough.

Can you legally use Pot in Pennsylvania?

Fans of Pennsylvania will probably know that Philadelphia has been voted the most liveable city, twice! Also worth mentioning is that every state park within Pennsylvania’s borders asks for no admission fee to explore, so anyone so inclined to check out the Oil State’s pristine wilderness may do so free of charge. Bring along a joint with your favorite sativa while you are checking out the state parks to keep you going. If you are more into watching sports, you might like to take that doobie to see the Phillies or the Pirates take on their baseball rivals or watch the NFL’s Pittsburgh Steelers and Philadelphia Eagles take to the gridiron. Art enthusiasts will appreciate the Warhol Museum or why not visit the oldest hospital and hospital library in the country.

Regardless of the harsh laws surrounding marijuana use and cultivation, seeds are 100% legal across the country. Considered a souvenir or novelty item, like so many sports cards, they are legal for purchase, sale, distribution, trade, and collection. Growing them is a bit of a grey area right now because, though there is enforceable legislation against 10 or more plants, there is no stipulation about less than that. This little loophole must be getting abused somewhere along the line, but with Wolf hot on their tracks, we are not so convinced that the authorities will be there blowing your house down and time soon.

Bordering Delaware, Maryland, West Virginia, Ohio, New York, New Jersey, and the Canadian province of Ontario, Pennsylvania is 46,055 square miles of diversity. Politically, Pennsylvania has had just as rich a history as any other state you could put it up against. With landmarks such as Gettysburg National Military Park and Independence National Park as well as the Liberty Bell to serve as stark reminders of the not so distant past, there is no shortage of patriotic homage taking place in the Independence State.

Recreational use within the state of Pennsylvania has seen some changes since the nationwide cannabis prohibition of the ’30s. Though recreational use is yet to be legalized, there are a number of states which have decriminalized up to 30 grams (just over an ounce). You will face only a small fine if caught carrying. These fines range from $25 to $250 depending on the county, and the charge does not go on one’s permanent record, nor is there an increase in penalties for second or third-time offenses. This doesn’t mean that you can light up a joint just anywhere, though! It does mean that, since Wolf is hunting for legalization, nobody is going to get in trouble smoking a joint on their property or for having a plant in their windowsill. We have found that, in some municipalities, the authorities are not interested in a couple of plants, as long as you are respectful and quiet about it.