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are airports strict about weed seeds

Overnight, it suddenly became possible to shop for pot at authorized retailers, or to smoke and vape cannabis, including in a designated area outside the terminal building at Vancouver Airport (YVR). Here, as well as at other border crossings, signage reminds travelers that it is illegal to cross international borders with marijuana.

Christopher Perry (at the time, CBP’s director of field operations), explained during a press conference in Detroit last spring that “crossing the border or arriving at U.S. port of entry in violation … may result in denied admission, seizure, fines and apprehension.”

Traveling with weed

But though the pot tourism sector is likely to thrive, travelers seeking legal highs across state lines or international borders need to be extremely careful.

“If it’s obvious that someone in the car has smoked or we smell it, you may be subject to search at that point, but barring [possession, they] would be allowed to continue,” the agent said.

Here, things get murky. CBD oil derived from hemp is now legal (hemp was legalized under the 2018 Farm Bill, signed at the end of December in 2018). As a result, officials are less likely to care about a CBD gummy than a nugget of pure pot — but travelers should still be cautious traveling with these goods and tinctures. That’s because CBD extracted from a cannabis plant may still be illegal.

23 of 60 TSA: “This inert explosives training aid was brought through the checkpoint at Columbia (CAE). It wasn’t an in-house test; it was left in the carry-on bag of a traveling soldier who said he uses it as a training aid. It hasn’t been confirmed yet whether or not the X-ray operator needed a stiff drink after their shift . Even though it’s inert, it’s prohibited due to the fact that it looks so realistic.” TSA/Instagram Show More Show Less

46 of 60 TSA: “There’s a modern convenience in aircraft today called the overhead light that negates bringing fueled up lanterns on the aircraft. As you guessed, fueled up lanterns are not allowed in carry-on or checked bags. The only way this lantern would be permitted is if it was empty and had no traces of fuel at all. This was discovered in a traveler’s carry-on property at the San Diego International Airport (SAN).” TSA/Instagram Show More Show Less

What if I just kept my marijuana or CBD-infused products in my checked luggage?

Do TSA dogs sniff for weed?

Yup, still illegal according to TSA guidelines. Again, they’re not looking for it though.