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ambrosia weed seeds

If the Ambrosia strain were a book and you were judging it by its cover, you’d definitely be impressed! When planted, Ambrosia marijuana seeds feel like a vacation for the senses. The calming aroma of Ambrosia is largely thanks to lavender notes mixed with pineapple and pine. Lavender, as an essential oil, is a great relaxer that helps soothe you off to sleep. The same can be said with this sativa-leaning hybrid. It gives you just enough energy to get you through the day while calming all muscles, joints, and nerves.

But where did Ambrosia marijuana seeds get their name? The word Ambrosia refers to something that is delicious to smell and eat. It originates from Greek and Roman mythology, meaning “food of the gods.” The smell of lavender and pineapple will fill your space and you’ll be hooked for life. This strain can be grown both indoors and outdoors and reaches an average height of 4 to 5 feet. Growers love this strain because it only needs 7 to 8 weeks of harvesting indoors. You can quick results with the Ambrosia plant.

When smoked during the day, Ambrosia won’t make you feel groggy or tired. But instead completely pain-free and chilled out. Medical consumers love this strain for its ability to melt pain, especially migraines, muscle aches, and nausea. The relaxing properties of lavender help combat anxiety, stress, and ADD/ADHD. Smoking Ambrosia is like taking your body for a vacation where there are no worries.

Description: Ambrosia is delightful to the senses thanks to its pineapple and lavender aroma. This sativa-dominant hybrid helps combat pain, anxiety, and ADHD.

This God Bud x Burmese was featured in the Big Book of Buds. It’s a medium sized plant that will get bushy if there is room. Great for a Sea of Green. The buds are dense and stinky with a skunky flavor.

Ambrosia grows well in a sea of green using hydro or soil methods. Outdoors this plant does best in locales with long days during the summer. Its growth habits meld together aspects from both sides of the family tree, resulting in a plant that reaches a happy medium in height, foliage, and coloration. Ambrosia is a fast, vigorous grower. She will become bushy if there is room, but tends to not be very leafy, which makes manicuring a little less painstaking. With average fertilizer use and good garden condition, Ambrosia produces a respectable yield of buds that are dense, sticky, and redolent of classic mellow dank skunkiness. The leaves yellow and the hairs turn strongly orange to clearly indicate ripeness.

From the Big Book Of Buds Vol. 2: In Greek and Roman mythology, Ambrosia is the name given to the food of the gods. Perhaps this plant complements the menu with a smoke worthy of this term’s general definition: “something sweetly pleasing in taste or smell.” The Burmese sativa mother of this plant came from the Mighty Mite Seed Company, and was voted the #! People’s Choice in the 2002 Cannabis Culture Toker’s Bowl. The father, Jordan’s God Bud strain, is a mostly indica plant that gained popularity because of it’s powerful, desirable aroma and a flavor leaning towards tropical sweetness.

Ambrosia’s smoke is appropriately sweet and complex, with just enough skunk to keep it traditional. The Ambrosia buzz stays on the sativa end of the spectrum, producing an awake, up high that comes on fast and stays functional. This makes Ambrosia a good all-day smoke.”