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agent orange weed seed

As Agent Orange has a very strong relaxation effect, this makes it useful for fighting anxiety and pain or fatigue. Your body and mind can just finally relax without having to struggle with any issues.

What makes cultivating these orange seeds a bit more complicated is the fact that you need to trim the bush once in a while. Otherwise, you risk having a chaotically growing tree instead of a nice and neat plant.

One cannot say that Agent Orange feminized seeds are actually beginner-friendly. It is not something completely impossible, but it would be better if a grower already has some experience in cultivating cannabis seeds.

Medicinal Application

Agent Orange seeds represent a very nice cannabis strain. The THC level is not that high, the taste and fragrance are really sweet, and the effect that this marijuana causes on people is absolutely loved by users. No surprise here – wouldn’t you love your body to achieve complete relaxation in no time? You will almost feel lethargic, though very happy and giggly.

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Agent Orange strain is widely used for medicinal purposes. Its cheerful and uplifting effect helps with stress-related issues a lot. This marijuana can also come in handy when suffering from depression.

Even though Agent Orange seeds have a medium growth difficulty, they are still quite manageable, and there is nothing extremely complicated about the process. The flowering time is just like ordinary marijuana seeds: it is between 7 and 9 weeks. Nevertheless, the result will absolutely please you as these Sativa dominant feminized seeds will reward you with great dense buds covered in large leaves.

Consumers agree that the smell and taste of Agent Orange marijuana seeds will win you over as a first impression. It’s the effects that keep you coming back for life. This strain is well-balanced enough with sativa and indica to please beginner and veteran smokers. Nothing feels too overwhelming — just ride the wave of happiness and energy!

A quick Google search of “Agent Orange” will tell you that it’s an herbicide and defoliant chemical used primarily by the U.S military. Rest assured that Agent Orange marijuana seeds have nothing to do with that. This well-balanced hybrid takes on the characteristics of both its parents, Orange Velvet and Jack the Ripper. This strain is an absolute pleasure for all your sense. The sweet smell of oranges fills the air with notes of lemon and other citrus fruits. For Instagram purposes, this strain will get you a lot of likes with its deep maroon and purple coloration mixed with bright green.

Don’t let the name fool you, Agent Orange is a well-balanced hybrid that delivers clean energy, happiness, and euphoria to those who suffer from depression or feel lethargic.


Looks aside, Agent Orange is a highly helpful strain for those with depression. Even if you find yourself waking up in a bad mood and don’t know why. Agent Orange can make your day all better. This strain is packed with positive feelings of euphoria, happiness, and clean energy. Imagine coffee without any of the nerves or jitters — just the motivation to get stuff done throughout the day. That’s the determination you get from Agent Orange. If you’re ever feeling lazy or legarthic, just a few hits of this stuff will put you on the right track to tackle that to-do list.

Description: Don’t let the name fool you, Agent Orange is a well-balanced hybrid that delivers clean energy, happiness, and euphoria to those who suffer from depression or feel lethargic.