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aficionado weed seeds

This joint project – started by American breeder Leo Stone, French breeder Professor Q and one of the most renowned specialists on resin concentrates, Frenchy Cannoli – is a sure bet for those looking for quality, flavour, effect, and yield, with more than 16 awards at the Emerald Cup.

Aficionado French Connection delights European growers with an amazing collection of seeds in both regular and feminised form, so all types of growers will find their favourite type of seed.

French Connection, top American genetics now available in Europe

Fruit Flambé comes from the combination of several top genetics like Forbidden Fruit, Zkittlez, Magnum Opus#18 and the one and only Purple Punch. She is productive, fast and easy to grow, but her main trait is the unforgettable scent, with lavender, lilac and candy notes.

Stability, reliability, and uniqueness are just a few adjectives to describe their work. AFC’s genetics are suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation and can be grown with any type of growing medium: soil, coco coir, hydroponic systems. Due to the climate in California, most strains are just perfect for Mediterranean outdoor farmers.

As you’ll see, AFC’s gene pool is wide and diverse, being the same genetic base than that used for their American strains. Most of the plants used are own selections used to produce seeds that will be further stabilized.

Aficionado French Connection is born from the award-winning collaborations between Aficionado founder Leo Stone and Professor Q.

Founded in Northern California’s Emerald Triangle region, Aficionado has been custom tailoring highly exclusive designer seeds for a small group of private clients for over 20 years.

Strictly produced in limited numbers and characterized by unparalleled quality- our exclusive varieties are reserved only for the most serious connoisseurs.

By uniting legendary heirloom genetics and visionary artisanship, Aficionado French Connection exemplifies both the Emerald Triangle tradition of crafting premium seeds and the French Riviera’s world-class Horticultural reputation; that must be, at once, exceptionally bold and refined.

— 21x Trophies & 16 Emerald Cup Awards —