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afgoo weed seeds

The Afgooey is a famous cut from Northern California.

It performs well in all types of medium, and can do great outdoors as well. The buds are pear-shaped, compact, dense, with medium to large calyx. The resin is very thick, and the plants get very smelly already in mid-flowering.

Basic / Breeders Info

Short internodes, bushy structure, thick branches and wide stem are typical of this strain. The Afgooey can take high EC levels, and is very good for Sea of Green or for Scrog systems.

The Afgooey is very stoned, with a cerebral effect that I can define as confusing, heady, almost chaotic. It hits fast, and lasts long.

The flavour reminds of old-school afghan, with a fruity twist. It is earthy at first, but evolves into a sweeter, fruitier experience, with notes of orange, lemon and tropical fruits.

Afgoo is considered an incredibly strong strain especially when you need to kick out stubborn pain and chronic fatigue. The body stone quickly washes over you as it penetrates deep into the muscles to numb deep aches. This results in a relaxing couch lock that will last for about four hours, depending on how much you consumed. By this time you should have drifted to a deep slumber.

Afgoo is an extremely powerful indica dominant strain that is best suited for evening use. It is both relaxing and sleep-promoting and will help to tackle chronic fatigue and insomnia. Medicinal users will enjoy this strain. The aroma is an eclectic mix of sweet, sour and herbal fragrances that are well tolerated by most users. The taste is widely appealing because of the subtle tropical flavors. This strain is very friendly for novice growers due to the hardy traits it possesses. It takes a short time to mature and gives a high yield, making it economical and suitable for a commercial operation.

Strain Types

Afgoo is one of those rare hybrids that will do well in both an indoor and outdoor setup. The Afghan genetics bestow upon this strain some hardy traits that help it weather through not-so-good fluctuations in conditions.

This strain was created for potency and the THC levels easily top 18%. The amount of CBD is just enough to boost the therapeutic potential of this strain though cannabis synergy.

Afgoo’s origins can be traced all the way back to the 80s. It is a cross between one of the finest sativa strains; Maui Haze and a landrace Afghan strain. These genetics bestow resilient characteristics that make this strain grower-friendly. It is slightly indica dominant with 60% indica and 40% sativa effects.