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acdc weed seeds for sale

A cross between Cannatonic and an unknown ruderalis, ACDC was among the first strains that proved cannabis does not always have to be about getting high. Thanks to its powerful medicinal potential, this strain has earned its place as one of the most popular medical marijuana varieties available on the market today.

Although the lack of THC might make you think otherwise, ACDC is a classic cannabis strain in terms of smell. Thanks to the presence of pinene, the beautiful puffy buds have that trademark earthy smell, while you will also notice subtle hints of citrus and cherry.

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The effects of the ACDC strain are completely non-psychoactive, owing to the high CBD content and lack of psychoactive compound, THC.

Since this is primarily a medicinal strain, it is a great idea to try alternative ways of consumption, such as vaping to maximise the impressive flavours contained in this wonderful cultivar.

Many people report that these high CBD/low THC medicinals induce a sense of immediate relaxation, and well-being coupled with and a very gentle tingling sensation. So while the perceptual changes of THC, both positive and negative, are not present in AC/DC, this high CBD/low THC strain does bring on a noticeable physiological relaxation response and a related sense of well-being that could help those who suffer from conditions like anxiety.

When you are growing cannabis medication you must take the utmost care. The potency and the healthy effects are going to be most beneficial when the marijuana seeds are given the highest level of attention and care during growing. Don’t let this overwhelm you though. It grows well in hydroponic and organic soil mediums. If you want, any medium will do as long as the feeding are properly followed. It needs half the volume of recommended nutrients during the vegetative stage and then requires an increase to the full feedings during flowering for maximal bud production. Be aware that the plant is sensitive to overfeeding though, so do not give more.

Everybody probably remembers the first time they heard the iconic Australian rock band ACDC. While they may be the first thing people think of when they hear ACDC, more and more people in the cannabis world think of the iconic painkiller and anxiolytic that bears the same name. As the CBD ACDC 1 to 18 Fem strain name suggests, it has an astounding 18% CBD to 1% THC. This provides an incredible therapeutic result with virtually no cerebral high. It is also known to have a unique effect that can reverse the downfalls of THC if it has made you anxious or paranoid.

Just as it has a wide variety of uses, it can be consumed in a wide variety of ways. These CBD ACDC 1 to 18 Fem strain seeds deliver buds that can be easily smoked, eaten, taken sublingually, or applied to the skin.


This outstanding strain will produce plants that have thin foliage with slender leaves with longish internodal spaces. These spaces and slim leaves are great for allowing ample light and air circulation. This is helpful to eliminate the moisture buildup and attack of pathogens which is always ideal.

These fantastic cannabis seeds produce a product that truly embodies restorative cannabis. It is known to be overflowing with health giving properties which help with anxiety, stress, inflammation, fatigue and pain. To top it off, it is strong enough to be able to help reduce seizures and handle chemotherapy side effects.

While the flora does not need any training, high stress training (HST) can help produce short well branched growth, a bigger crop and heightened CBD production. HST methods may include topping, FIM, or super cropping/stem mutilation. If you don’t want to follow these methods, you can also just prune them and help keep the energy focused on the upper buds.