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9 pound hammer weed seeds

Prepare to be struck by the 9 Pound Hammer. As its name suggests, 9 Pound Hammer marijuana seeds hit you hard and fast for long-lasting effects. This is true of most indica-heavy marijuana strains. A few hits of the 9 Pound Hammer will have you soaring above the clouds and all feelings of pain and anxiety will be gone in a flash. It’s CBD makeup is around 22%, which means you can expect heavy bodily effects that will leave you on the couch feeling relaxed and perhaps too lazy to get up and do anything else.

The THC content in 9 Pound Hammer also makes it an effective painkiller for those suffering from migraines and chronic pain. At first, you’ll feel a euphoric rush to the head that will leave you happy for the first half of the high. The second half will leave you deeply relaxed and chilled out. Because of its peaceful and long-lasting effects, the 9 Pound Hammer is somewhat of a lullaby that will gradually help you fall (and stay) asleep throughout the night. 9 Pounds Hammer is definitely more of a nighttime strain.


If you’ve been experiencing symptoms of pain, stress, or insomnia, 9 Pound Hammer marijuana seeds are great to have around the house. Growers will be pleased to know that this 80% indica strain delivers high yields and a flowering time between 50 and 60 days. The smell of this strain is best described as berry-meets-lemon. Very fruity and citrusy.

The 9 Pound Hammer strain is ideal for those looking for a long-lasting, relaxing high to help them fall asleep, ward off anxiety, or treat pain.

Description: The 9 Pound Hammer strain is ideal for those looking for a long-lasting, relaxing high to help them fall asleep, ward off anxiety, or treat pain.

9 Pound Hammer by TGA Subcool could deservedly be entitled the sledgehammer method to battle stress, pain and insomnia. This natural painkiller and soporific has been bred by crossing GooBerry, Hells OG and Jack The Ripper, resulting in a 80% Indica/20% Sativa plant with a very short flowering period, and extreme resin production.

9 Pound Hammer is perfectly suited for indoor cultivation, but performs well outdoors as well. To achieve the best results it’s recommended to top the plant early to make it grow in the shape of a round bush. The resin production starts early and after 50-60 days of flowering the rock hard and very dense buds are covered in a thick layer of sticky resin. The extreme resin production makes this kick-ass plant a great candidate for BHO production.

TGA Subcool – 9 lb Hammer: Very potent natural painkiller and soporific

The name of this strain could be a warning and promise alike. 9 Pound Hammer is an Indica dominant plant with an extreme resin production, very short flowering period and highly potent buds. The pleasant taste and aroma make it a delicate natural painkiller and soporific. This smoke will hit you like a hammer! Great candidate for BHO production.

9 Pound Hammer buds are full of intense, sweet grape and lime fruit flavors, but don’t be fooled by the pleasant taste and aroma – this smoke will hit you like a hammer! Right on the exhale you will feel how your body relaxes and the pain you may have is swept away. But beware, smoke just a tad too much and you will feel the urge to hug your pillow.