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420 weed seed

We have been established since 2010 and during that time accuminated many connections with cannabis breeders. We have now established ourselves as one of the biggest 420 seed banks online with competitive prices. In fact, we offer a price match program to prove that we are serious about having you as our customer. We also offer wholesale cannabis seed buying options for those who have a large grow operation. We are confident we can fulfill any size order of cannabis seeds, contact us via email or Instagram if you have any questions or concerns.

As any experienced cannabis grower is aware of the importance of growing with Feminized cannabis seeds, we have these available with autoflowering too. This will save time from having to remove male plants from growing with regular weed seeds. Buying from a 420 Seed Bank such as ours will skip a lot of steps that require knowing how to breed cannabis plants. Allow us to save you time, and provide you with the exact cannabis seed your trying to obtain. There’s definitely a learning curve to breeding cannabis and its not considered easy. Buying cannabis seeds from a credible breeder will provide you with a premium harvest.

Best Cannabis Seed Breeders

The best weed seed banks have reviews online that can be easily found such as ours. We have established ourselves since 2010, and since then have accumulated a lot of positive reviews. Take some time to read the experiences from our many happy customers who bought cannabis seeds from our Seed Bank. There are many 420 Seed Banks online with some really impressive pictures, but it ends there. Our pot seed bank operates with the highest standards which is why our customers continue to drop good reviews about us online.

Welcome to the best 420 Seed Bank online, where we have a vast selection of the most marijauna seeds for sale. Find prestigious weed seeds such as previous cannabis cup winners. We deliver worldwide, allowing access to cannabis with premium genetics. Our Cannabis seed bank includes well known breeders from all over the world. This includes Seed Banks in the USA, UK, Toronto, Canada, and much more! It’s our goal to have the biggest inventory of pot seeds for sale.

We collaborate with the best marijuana seed breeders in the cannabis industry worldwide. Expect to find extraordinary strains not available anywhere else in our vast selection of weed seeds. It’s our goal to be a one stop shop for any cannabis seed needed from any breeder. We encourage you to browse through our menu above of Breeders, what you will find is a vast selection of them and their seeds for sale on our website. We have a lot of California cannabis seed breeders available.

There are also some alternative stories which are generally considered to be untrue. First up is that 420 was California police code for people smoking marijuana, however, this was basically proven false in 1997 when a group of the previously mentioned ‘Waldos’ contacted High Times to set the record straight once and for all.

The BOGO offer means that you get double the seeds for the same amount of money, so if you’re buying a 4-pack, in reality you will receive 8 seeds, if you buy an 8-pack, you will get 16 seeds, if you buy a 12-pack, you get 24 seeds, and if you buy a 24-pack then you will receive a whopping 48 seeds! This is an amazing opportunity to get stocked up on seeds for the lowest prices in the USA!

Celebrate 420 right by claiming our amazing BOGO offer on some of your favorite 420 weed seeds. Our phenomenal collection of 420 seeds for sale is a testament to our commitment to providing the best, premium quality cannabis seeds for unbeatable prices online. When you shop this BOGO collection of seeds, you are getting the chance to purchase some of the world’s finest cannabis seeds at a discounted price.

The Origins of 420

As the story goes, all the way back in 1971, a group of high school students in San Rafael, California who referred to themselves as ‘Waldos’ would use the slang term ‘420 Louis’ to indicate them meeting at 4:20pm by a statue of Louis Pasteur outside of their school to smoke pot and get high together.

There are many different types of our 420 seeds, regular, feminized, fast version and autoflower all grow slightly different to one another. That being said, once you learn how to grow your own cannabis it should make figuring out any variations a lot easier.

Another ‘far-out’ theory refers to the number of chemical compounds in cannabis. It is stated that there are over 400 chemical compounds in marijuana but there is no reference to the specific number 420.

While you will see many different 420 sales for seeds and a variety of different offers and promotions, we believe our selection is the most comprehensive in terms of variety, the highest in terms of quality and therefore the best deal for the price . From the east coast all the way to the west coast, from down south to up north, these 420 seeds are sourced from cultivars all across the United States so that we can present our customers with the very best quality seeds for our BOGO sale this 4/20!

420 Seeds premium cannabis genetics from a group of old school hippies that have been super educated and friends in high school since the 1970’s. We’ll connect you to high grade cannabis genetics. You’ll find a large selection of regular, feminized, auto-flowering, and auto-flowering feminized cannabis seeds. 420 Seeds is your hook up for quality and advanced genetics. Super stealth shipping worldwide. We especially love serving our customers from USA and Australia who demand safety and super stealth shipping that is guaranteed.

420, know as 4:20 pm, is the time to meet after high school to a designated toking area to get high. It originated in the 60’s and still continues today. The worlds global get high day is at 4:20 pm, on 4th month of the year (April) and the 20th day. It’s such a huge event in cities all over the world. Don’t forget to be active and support your city on 4/20. Get high and make some new friends. I met my wife on 4/20 in San Francisco back in 1979. Only good things can occur on such a wonderful day!

420 Meaning For Students