Hop into the Happy Zone with Pleasantrees – Houghton Lake

Here at Pleasantrees – Houghton Lake, we believe in two things. Number one: Life should be pleasant (duh!). Number two: Trees are, well, awesome! But not just any trees – we’re talking about the kind that take you on a soothing journey to nirvana. Welcome to our marijuana dispensary.

In the Land of ‘High’ and Happiness

We’re named Pleasantrees for a reason. After all, there’s nothing quite as delightful as feeling mellow, relaxed, and, dare we say, pleasant. And that’s exactly what our cannabis dispensary and medical cannabis options aim to do.

Weeding out the Ordinary

Fed up with the ordinary? Scared of getting into the weeds? Fear not. At Pleasantrees, we guide you confidently into the clouds, offering veteran advice and premium products. Ready to elevate to a state of pure bliss? It’s high time you visited us at Pleasantrees – Houghton Lake.