A Premier Cannabis Adventure with East Coast Cannabis Kittery Outpost

Step into the world of artisanal cannabis experience with East Coast Cannabis Kittery Outpost. Located in the coastal York Cliffs, ME, this cannabis outpost brings exotic indulgence to the forefront – a cannabis connoisseur’s ultimate destination.

Cannabis Dispensary and More

As the premier Cannabis Dispensary York Cliffs, ME, we pride ourselves on providing a vivid, enlightening, and all-inclusive cannabis experience. From the novices taking baby steps into this world to seasoned enthusiasts seeking unique strains, our outpost is a sanctuary for all. What makes us stand apart is our unique educational approach, which helps our clients understand and appreciate the plant better.

From Craft Beers to Cannabis – A Commendable Journey

The roots of our business venture lie in our Beer Store in Kittery, ME. Gained expertise in sourcing exclusive and top-tier quality handcrafted beers from around the world, led us to envision a future in the burgeoning cannabis industry. Today our Craft Beer Eliot, ME & York, ME, draw customers who appreciate our discerning taste for quality.

Creating a New Paradigm: East Coast Cannabis

Embracing the cannabis industry was not merely about expanding our vast portfolio. It was about creating a new paradigm where people would come to relish the lush ambiance as they explore the world of cannabis. East Coast Cannabis believes in enhancing understanding, thus inspiring a deep sense of appreciation towards the plant. We are on an exciting journey of discovery, one that relentlessly seeks to bring the finest cannabis strains and products to the aficionados.